One for Billy

This isn’t one of my Significant Songs, though I have loved it since the first time I heard it. Watching the video is even better, as it is a tiny masterpiece, of cinematic quality. It has a wonderful retro vibe, and the dance routine is a triumph of choreographed camp. Even ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton manages to look really nice, and sound pretty good too.

This is pop music meets video at its highest level, and could have been released anytime since the late 60s, though it actually came out in 2003. Emma even co-wrote it, which significantly raised my estimation of her talents. It made the charts all over the world, and added a little credibility to her career, much needed after the Spice Girls had split. It is great fun to listen to and to watch, and is an almost perfect example of meaningless pop music that is just plain fun.

One of our dearest and best-loved friends is having some bad luck at the moment. He is being treated for tumours, and enduring the medications and other therapies with great resolution and courage. Just tonight, I heard from him that they have found something else, and he has to have surgery this weekend. In an exchange of emails earlier, he was kind enough to tell me that my blog posts are keeping his spirits up. With all he has to worry about, he was still thoughtful enough to mention that. I am posting this for him, in the hope that watching this, and listening to the song, will cheer him up a little, and make him forget all the bad stuff for a few minutes. I don’t even know if he will like it. But anyway…

This one’s just for you, Billy. XXX

27 thoughts on “One for Billy

      1. You suspect correctly Pete, although the vast number of medications I am currently working my way through each day have ruled out any tippling, as much as I would love to! 😊


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