A funny time of year

I always get a little twitchy at this time of year. I can’t quite work it out. One day warm, another raining. Fog in the mornings, and the trees yet to fully turn. Leaves and acorns adorn the lawn and clog the gutters, yet on some afternoons, you could be forgiven for thinking that summer is still with us.

But the summer holidays are behind us, and the Christmas season has yet to fully explode. Even the TV programmes are changing, as their much-lauded ‘Autumn Season’ arrives on our screens. It feels like time to do stuff. Clear leaves, cut back shrubs and rose bushes, rake the lawn and give it the last cut of the year. The trouble is, it keeps raining on and off, so the grass is still too wet, and the leaves too congealed in clumps, to allow for easy collection.

Colder mornings, bright afternoons, low winter sun blazing into your eyes; it is hard to tell what’s going on. When the stability of winter arrives, we will know what to do. It will be cold and brisk, with a chance of snow. And it will stay cold during the night too. The Christmas season is already planned, and as good as forgotten before it begins. Presents bought, dates arranged, and the prospect of a family gathering to anticipate. The oil tank for the heating is full to the brim, and there are enough logs left over from last year for the fire.

It doesn’t really feel like autumn though, as it is still too warm. It certainly doesn’t feel wintry, for the same reason. Preparations have been made for things that might happen, as well as for other things that probably won’t. Mud on the Meadows, refusing to dry. Dark by 5 pm, long evenings stretching out ahead of us. As much as I like autumn, I wish it would decide what to do with itself.


34 thoughts on “A funny time of year

  1. What a lovely, evocative post Pete! You create a wonderful sense of that which is behind us juxtaposed against the anticipation of what lies ahead in our yearly cycle, and a clear sense of ‘now-ness!’


  2. You should be writing one of those gentle countryside columns in the newspaper. Don’t talk to me about oil! Now that some unpleasant neighbours have moved in next door, replacing a sweet couple who have returned to Thessaloniki, we have problems getting the oil tank filled. The tank is on her side but it serves us and she refused with loud shouting to let the oil man fill it up. She kept saying, ‘It’s my house!’ Well, it’s not, they both belong to our landlord who has yet to resolve this matter. If I need anything at all in this weather, it’s bloody heat. Writing to you love and blue fingers!


    1. Neighbour disputes can be very depressing. We have just ‘lost’ our neighbours on one side, in a rented property, and we are now wondering who we will get to replace them. At least the houses are detached, but we have to trust that they won’t be too noisy in the garden. I hope that you get your tank filled soon, before the Cretan winter sets in.

      As for the countryside column, my cousin once described these type of posts as reminiscent of Jack Hargreaves, and his ‘Out of Town’ TV series. Do you remember him?

      Stay wrapped up. x


  3. I love that last line.. “As much as I like autumn, I wish it would decide what to do with itself.” The weather around here bounces up and down so much, you wonder why everyone doesn’t have a cold or something!


    1. It seems to me that autumn was once a time of colder, crisp days, with good light, and nice colours. It seems to have forgotten what it should be doing, or at least that’s how it seems to me this year.
      Thanks, GP.
      Regards, Pete.

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    1. Never feel guilty, Arlene. You worked hard all your life, so now you can rest when you want to.
      (Pouring with rain here since the early hours, and still dark, so nothing will be done today.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. The weather’s perfect here in Las Vegas. If only October and November could linger throughout the year! The trees are not quite convinced summer is over yet, so the city is still green. This afternoon, I carved pumpkins on the patio. By 5:30, I was sitting in a neighborhood park watching children play as the sun set behind the Spring Mountains.


  5. I’m not happy with the clocks going back. At least when I was working I got the benefit of getting up in daylight again for a while. Now I just see it getting dark at 5 pm. 😦
    I am impressed that you have Christmas sorted, I haven’t even begun to think about it!


    1. I hate the clocks going back! OK a century ago, you can see the point, but now we have good lighting and reliable vehicles I don’t see the need! Rant over. As for Christmas, haven’t started to think about it….


    1. Very true, Cindy. When I went out with Ollie today I was feeling cold, so wrapped up. Too hot within 30 minutes, and uncomfortable by the time I got home at 4. Can’t seem to settle my mind either. A strange time this year, and a season that I used to enjoy so much.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Unlike your good self, Autumn is one of those flexible characters who doesn’t make plans. He goes where the wind blows, drifting from one thing to another until Winter takes him firmly by the hand and suggests that he’d better hurry up and get ready for Christmas or he’ll miss it.


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