My bubble-wrap head

Two days ago, I noticed something itchy at the back of my head. I felt the area, and found two spots. They felt a lot like insect bites, raised and hot, and itchy as anything. If it had been high summer, I would have suspected a flying insect, but it was late October. Although it has been quite warm lately, I haven’t noticed the return of any midges, mosquitoes, or horse-flies. My on-off rash returned to my legs recently, fortunately not as severe as it has been in the past. I thought that the head problem might be related to that, but it is very different, both in appearance, and sensation.

By the time I woke up this morning, a crop of new arrivals had joined the original two spots/bites. I moved my fingers around my head, counting tentatively. Eight more, so now ten in total. I was sure that I could discount insect bites. It was unlikely to be anything inhabiting the bed or bedroom either, as Julie was not suffering anything similar. But as I sat in front of the computer today, I had to bite my lip, and almost sit on my hands, in an effort to stop scratching my scalp.

After I got ready to take Ollie out, it seemed to have eased a little. However, two hours out walking in bright sunshine made me feel very warm, and that increase in body heat appeared to have livened these lumps into a renewed frenzy of itchiness. By the time I got home, and began to prepare the evening meal, I could no longer resist the desire to scratch, and attacked my head with gusto. This raised the lumps of course, and did little good. They now resembled bubble-wrap, as I was able to squash them down, and feel them return into shape. However, unlike bubble-wrap, they did not pop, and cease to exist.

Once dinner was over, and I felt much cooler, the itching subsided. So, I could confirm that it was worse when I felt too warm, and seemed to be exacerbated by heat. I tried some general purpose cream, but that seems to have made no difference, either way. If it gets any worse, or fails to disappear, I fear that I may well have to consult my doctor, though it hardly seems important enough to warrant that.

I enjoy bubble-wrap as much as the next person. Like most of us, I get great satisfaction from popping the bubbles, until the sheet is flat.
I just don’t want it on my head.


17 thoughts on “My bubble-wrap head

  1. Oh dear! Hope it resolves itself quickly either with or without medical intervention. Sounds like some kind of allergy. I sometimes get hives that come out like that… but I am allergic to everything!!


    1. Thanks, Abbi. I have to use non-bio products, baby shampoo, etc, so I know what you mean about allergies. On this occasion, I am beginning to think it must be insect bites. The recent humid weather and sunny days do seem to have brought some midges out after all, as I have seen some around the river since.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I have had both, Frank. The last time I had shingles was in 1978, on my chest and waist. It’s nothing like that. I’m beginning to think it is insect bites after all, with the warm weather bringing back midges, etc. I just didn’t notice them, I suppose, but they look and feel just like them.
      Regards, Pete.


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