Back on The Rough

Hoe Rough is often mentioned on this blog. The small nature reserve is on the other side of the river from Beetley Meadows, and makes for a nice change from my usual walk with Ollie. It can be accessed by wading the river when the water is low enough, or by walking across the bridge on Fakenham Road. For much of the summer, a large herd of cows has been grazing on it, and they have been accompanied by small calves. I have therefore avoided it, as Ollie would have to stay on his lead, which is not much fun for a dog.

Last week, the cows were removed for the winter, later than usual, due to the strangely warm weather. We could go back to wandering around over there, and very soon, the word got around, with many other dog-walkers visible. The recent good weather left us today. The temperature dropped by half overnight, and during the morning, strong winds brought icy rain too. The BBC weather reporters even decided to give this visiting storm a name, Abigail. By the time I returned from my shift at the windmill, it was feeling very cold still, but the wind had blown away the clouds, and I headed off a little late, into a bright afternoon.

With my camera handy, I had been hoping for some bright autumn photos, but the sun was setting much faster than I had expected. I took some anyway, benefiting from the light of that fading sun.

Near the entrance, on the western side.


By the time I walked around the edge to the eastern end, the light was fading fast. You can see the rough grass and uneven ground that give the area its name.


Once the light started to fade, and the wind increased, I felt very cold, for the first time in ages. We headed back to The Meadows, where we ran into Spike, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. So at least Ollie finished off the afternoon with a good play.


33 thoughts on “Back on The Rough

  1. There used to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback where we walked our old dog. It was well trained and well mannered but always getting into fights with strangers dogs. The owner told us it was because of the ridge of fur on its back confusing the strangers dogs and misleading them into thinking his hackles were up. Hope Ollie’s pal doesn’t have the same problem.


  2. Lovely long shadows Pete, why I like photography just before sunset. Only problem today is that is was bloody cold! As for the image problem, for some reason WP has stopped automatically linking the image to the file in your library. If you click on edit on the photo you will find that link to is none. Change that to your media file and save the changes and you will find that once again it is clickable. I noticed this a couple of days ago.


    1. I almost had my own shadow in there, and had to stand flat against the tree, to include myself in the trunk! Thanks for the tip, I will investigate.
      I wish I knew a bit more about computers. It’s so frustrating, to be a dunce! x


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