A new friend for Ollie.

A couple of times over the past week, we have bumped into a lady walking a small dog. She is new to the area, and keen to discover good places to walk her rescue dog, Rudy. (Or Rudi, not sure) He is a feisty little character, a miniature Pinscher/Dachshund, with a distinctive curled tail, and a ready bark. It seems that he may have previously been kept in a cage, as he is excited by open spaces. He is also a little afraid of his lead, so may have been hit with a lead or strap in the past.

Still, he is fast settling in to his new home, and enjoying his explorations of the countryside around Beetley. Yesterday, we encountered them over on Hoe Rough. I took the opportunity to show his owner how to get across to Hoe Common, and the old railway. Once off the lead, he ran along happily with Ollie, exploring the scent of deer and other animals over there. He came back when called, and was soon getting used to both me and Ollie being around.

There have been lots of new dogs arriving in the area. Some are with people who have just moved here, and others have been bought by people who already lived here. Unfortunately, few of them are that friendly, and are often wary of Ollie. So, it is great that he has a new addition to his group of regular friends, and another pal to join in occasionally on his walks. His owner is also originally from London, like me, so it is equally good for me to have someone to chat to, who has something in common.

13 thoughts on “A new friend for Ollie.

        1. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, Em.
          Ollie got ten days of antibiotics, and steroids for the itching. He responded quite quickly, and is no longer shaking his head. His fur looks better too, after only three days on the pills. He has to go back on the 30th, for a check-up.
          Stay inside and keep warm. It’s fierce out there!
          Best wishes, Pete. x

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          1. It’s really turned cold hasn’t it and all this wind!! I’m really glad Ollie’s feeling better, and pleased for you too, weight off your mind šŸ™‚ I’m alright now, just a bug. Stay warm!!! x


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