Significant Songs (97)

Our Day Will Come

I wasn’t even twelve years old when I heard this song for the first time, in 1963. I immediately recognised a classic in the making, and bought the 45 RPM single as soon as I could afford it from my pocket money. I had never heard of Ruby and The Romantics, an Ohio based group of five singers. Despite the fact that they had many more hits during the 1960s, I never really heard from them again, so this one song stuck firmly in my mind. They did record, ‘Hey There Lonely Boy’ in the same year, but I was only aware of the successful Eddie Holman cover version. They also recorded the original version of ‘When You’re Young And In Love’, but to my shame, I only remembered the cover version by the Marvelettes. So, the pedigree is firmly established for this outstanding soul vocal group.

Back to this song. An unusual beat, almost reggae, (before we had ever heard of reggae) guaranteed lots of cover versions, and I heard them all. Billy Fury, Fontella Bass, Frankie Valli, Bobby Darin, and even the sublime Julie London. Patti Page, Brenda lee, Percy faith, George Chakiris, Betty Everett, Trini Lopez, Doris Day, and Nancy Wilson. Pat Boone, The Supremes, Cher, Cliff Richard, James Brown, Chris Montez, and the wonderful Sharon Tandy. I could go on all night, but you get the idea. This was one of those songs that everyone has to have a go at, and for good reason. The most recent cover was in 2015, giving the song a life of fifty-two years, and still going strong.

Truth be told, I almost prefer the Amy Winehouse version (2002), but only almost. Ruby and The Romantics deserve the crown, for a song that has endured throughout most of my life, and I am sure will go on to be recorded long after I am dead and forgotten. This is the real deal.


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