Significant Songs (99)

Too Close

We have all done it. Those records you hear, that make you sure you will really like the singer, certain that this is another new sound you will enjoy forever. Trouble is, the rest of the CD doesn’t sound anything remotely like the track you enjoyed so much, so you almost never play it again. And when you do, it is only really to hear just that one track, isn’t it?

Not that long ago, in 2011, Microsoft had a punchy advertising campaign on TV in the UK. It featured a song that sounded like a bit of everything; Soul, Funk, Rock, and even Dance Music. I couldn’t get the beat, or the song, out of my head, and I knew that I would end up buying it. I got the CD album, ‘The Lateness Of The Hour’, by Alex Clare, a British singer releasing his debut recording. He came from my neck of the woods, in south London, and once went out with Amy Winehouse, back in 2006. I liked his sound, with a mixture of Jazz and Blues to his voice that appealed to me a great deal.

More recently, he has become Orthodox in his Judaism, and that has restricted his recording and performing, and had a significant impact on his career. Despite not really liking many other tracks on this album, the song in question still has an impact on me today. It is also used on the closing credits of the film ‘Taken 2’, not that this fact means anything, musically.

For me, it remains one of those one-hit wonders, a -what might have been- in the world of British recording artists. That said, it is still very good. Very good indeed.

2 thoughts on “Significant Songs (99)

  1. I don’t recognize the song, but I do have the film, “Taken 2.” I often skip the closing credits of films. There are some notable exceptions to this practice, though. For example, I would never ever skip the closing credits of “Chicago.”


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