Blogging recommendations for December

This summer, I wrote a post about blogging and forums. If you didn’t catch it at the time, here’s a link.

It included a hefty list of other blogs; some I follow, some who follow me, and others that I just like. Due to the length of the post, I had to miss some recommendations off the list that time, and I promised I would add them to the next post on the subject. So, much later than I intended, here is another list of blogs that are well-worth a look. So that you can avoid wasting any time by looking at blogs that might never interest you personally, I include a short description of each at the start.

Eric Keys had a blog that looked at lots of subjects, with the emphasis on horror. He is a published writer, film fan, and music lover too. Unfortunately, he appears to have deleted his blog. So, Eric, if you are still reading this, I hope that you come back soon.

Bill White is an American writer, living in Peru. He was formerly a film critic, and he is also a talented musician. His thoughts and opinions about film and cinema are never less than forthright, but his insight and experience is priceless. If you love film, you must read Bill’s blog. You may not always agree with what he says, and he almost certainly won’t agree with what you say either. But you will be entertained, and more importantly, educated.

Nineteenth century American Art, Fiction, Photography, and History may seem like a very niche subject for a blog. However, talented writer Adrienne manages to cover everything from the mainstream to the mundane around this period, and to make it read and look most interesting indeed. If this is your sort of thing, then this is very much your sort of blog.

Thom Hickey has a passion for music, and he knows his stuff too. Everything from 1960s Doo-wop classics, to detailed examinations of the blues and rock icons of the last few decades, it’s all there. The blog posts are written with warmth and intelligence. They will give you comprehensive background information on the song or artist featured, and you are sure to find something you like in the long list of releases he has covered. There are special feature posts too, as well as celebrations of some almost-forgotten songs. Thom is definitely the music man.

Alex covers a multitude of subjects, including Film and Cinema, TV, Lifestyle, and Quizzes. He has guest posts, comprehensive film reviews, and plenty of entertaining articles about things to do, places to go, and things to watch. He is also a very committed member of his blogging community, and a great supporter of other bloggers.

Elizabeth is an American, living in London. She is working on a book about the unusual street and place names to be found in the capital, and her extensive research has unearthed many treasures. If you have ever wondered about why Cornhill is so called, or if they sold milk in Milk Street, this blog is the place to find that out. As an ex-Londoner, it is a complete joy to me.

Another London blog, this time from a working cabbie, driving his black cab around the busy roads in London. In between fares, he takes some nice photos, looks at some unusual sculptures and monuments, and digs up many fascinating facts about the history of London, and modern-day life there too. Great stuff indeed.

A very personal blog, about trying to recover from a life of abuse, and all the heartbreak that goes with it. Medical and mental health problems, a life lived in secret, good days, and very bad days. Only occasional posts, but please give your support to this lady, and help her recovery become a reality.

Rich is a writer of books and short stories. Based in the heart of England, his tales combine nostalgia with acute observation, and have been published widely, as well as winning awards. Reading his work prompts recollections in my own mind, and his occasional forays into crime fiction are given authenticity by his day job experience, as a police officer.

A varied selection here, so you should find something to stimulate, or to enjoy. With these two posts, I am now up to date on my recommendations. I will update them occasionally, whenever I find something good to share.

23 thoughts on “Blogging recommendations for December

  1. It’s nice to meet more bloggers on your list Pete! I had to go back and click your link. People meeting people from all walks of life, making friends along the way, these really make blogging worthwhile.

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