Daffodils for Christmas

The extremes of weather continue to take turns over the UK. Today’s temperatures in the south and east are around 17 C. This is a warmth generally reserved for late spring, and unheard of in December. Returning from yesterday’s walk, I found two insect bites on my head. These midges should not be around at this time of year, but have recently appeared in swarms once again, close to the riverbank.

Spring flowers and bulbs are popping up all over the place, and there are still leaves on the branches of confused trees and shrubs. With no frost in the south so far, the mud refuses to harden, and is thicker and slipperier than ever. Recent rains have swollen the local streams, which are trying hard to flow against the dense growth of reeds and weeds that would normally have died off by this time. Squirrels that should be hibernating are still jumping around in the branches of the trees, and rabbits can be seen on a daily basis.

This seasonal confusion continues because of a wind change, according to our always knowledgeable weather pundits. The wind from North Africa is arriving in the south, via a short stop in the Azores. It has its benefits of course. No heating required in these temperatures, and walking Ollie is less of a trial, when you feel warm after a few minutes. The wood burner is temporarily redundant, and despite any real improvement in the light, driving is a lot easier when there is no ice to have to deal with.

But it doesn’t feel right, all the same. We shouldn’t have daffodils at Christmas.


21 thoughts on “Daffodils for Christmas

  1. They’ll have to start picking up the garden waste again soon at the rate we’re going. There’s water everywhere though… Everything is topsy-turvy for sure. Oh well…


  2. You’re right Pete it doesn’t feel right! I haven’t seen spring flowers up here but wondered if anyone else had, therefore it was interesting to read your post. We had loads of snow on Saturday and Sunday in Scotland before a trip to Berlin where it was freezing and returned to no snow and the mildest temperature. It’s all very odd. Merry Christmas to you and the family, Jane xx


  3. See, even the plants and flowers get confused by the weather. We have two typhoons this week and lots of areas/provinces are flooded. You can just imagine the plight of those families who lost their homes to the flash floods and strong winds brought by typhoon Nona.


    1. For once we can understand the pain of your floods over here, Arlene. We have severe flooding in the north-west, and thousands are without use of their homes. I hope that the storms stop for you soon,
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. We’ve had an unseasonably cold first half of December in Southern Nevada. Today, it’s only 47 F / 8 C. Brrrr! At least it’s sunny. On Saturday, we’ll hit 60 F / 15.5 C. That’s more like it. I agree with Heyjude that “Daffodils for Christmas” would make a great book title. I can think of a couple of general plot lines for such a book, one in the sci-fi genre, and one that would be sentimental in nature.


    1. I can’t believe that we have doubled your Nevada temperatures here today, David. That must be a first! As far as the book title, I think you should go for it, in the sci-fi genre.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Your neck of the woods is warmer than usual, and our neck of the cactus is colder. Go figure! As for “Daffodils for Christmas,” I’ll give that some thought. It’s a great title after all. I may add it to my list of future projects. We already dovetailed on “Pope on the Dole,” so why not do it again? If I do ever write a book or short story with that title, I’ll credit you with the title and send you a copy!


  5. Unseasonably warm over here as well, we have had a few snow falls but nothing that lasted for too long and the mud, which is normally hardened by the cold, is becoming a real problem to navigate on foot and by vehicle. The Niva is called into service more than if we had snow. Fingers crossed for a cold snap in January, I miss the tears freezing on my face as I walk the dogs 🙂


    1. I know what you mean, Eddy. I would like a quick freeze to harden the muddy ruts where I go walking. They are talking about the warmest December ever over here, so hopefully no snow at least.
      Cheers, Pete.


  6. You’re right about the shrubs and lawn still growing! Even for FL we’re having record heat and no flowers. Weird!! There is suppose to be a cold front headed and due Friday – Oh how I hope it makes it all the way down here!!


  7. It’s spooky. We still have a few raspberries left on the canes, together with a rose bush and some half-hardy annuals still flowering. One of next door’s shrubs has lost a few leaves, but seems to have decided to hang on to the rest (which are still green) in case it’s got it wrong. And we have primroses out. Meanwhile, every day is either grey or raining or grey and raining. Horrible.


  8. “Daffodils at Christmas” would make a good book title 🙂
    I don’t have any daffs, but my hyacinths are well on the way and I still have a pelargonium flowering outdoors!


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