A few I missed

I recently published a post recommending some blogs for December reading. I was sure that I had covered them all, but I have just found the list I prepared, and noticed that some were omitted. So, here they are.

Nandia is an Art Historian, film fan, and a superb writer too. Her blog has a distinguished look, and a serious tone, but don’t let that put you off. If you appreciate Art, Film, Photography, and some very interesting ideas, be sure to check out her blog here.


Matt Melo is a married gay man, who is very happy to live a conventional life in the suburbs. His blog is about his life, as well as music, pop stars and celebrities; guys he likes, TV shows, and films. And it is all delivered with a young and funky vibe that I am sure many of you will find refreshing.


If you like books, popular films, and a chatty and friendly blogging style, you can’t go wrong with Kim’s blog. Her colourful pages are packed with reviews, images, gifs, and opinions. See what you think.


Markus has a serious film blog, and his reviews are always worth reading. They are detailed and informative, with accompanying stills or images, and he always gives each one a vote out of 100 too! You may not necessarily agree with his verdicts, but you will certainly enjoy his enthusiasm. If you are into films and cinema, with some music in there too, then give this one a try.


That’s the end of the list, at least for now. If I have missed you off, and you will know who you are, then please accept my apologies. I have no doubt that there will be more to come, in 2016.


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