Significant Songs (104)

A Night To Remember

Some songs just get you right away. They hit the spot at the right time, and remain something that you can listen to every day, and never tire of. For me, this is one of those, and it has been around my life, on and off, for the past thirty-four years.

To be honest, I could take or leave Shalamar at the time. I quite liked the song ‘I can make you feel good’, but most of their other work up to then was disco fluff that was rather inconsequential. They were a trio of American singers and dancers, who were put together by the power behind the US TV show, ‘Soul Train.’ Formed in 1977, they had some minor success until their 1978 hit ‘Take that to the bank’ gave them a much wider audience. Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley had been dancers on the TV show, and Daniel was especially innovative, inventing the famous ‘moonwalk’, and helping Michael Jackson choreograph many of his pop videos.

Also in 1982, following the success of ‘I can make you feel good’, they released this well-constructed song, part disco, part soul, with its killer intro. The harmonies were perfect, the beat just right, and the feel-good factor on a dance floor was second to none. This was a song that could appeal to a very wide market, and it did. I was thirty years old when I first heard it, and loved it immediately.

After three successful albums in the USA, and some hit singles worldwide, Daniel and Watley left the group, in 1983. There were later reunions, and the band continues to perform, with different members, to this day. But this was their moment.

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