Mud, glorious mud

I haven’t been posting much about my walks with Ollie recently. To be honest, they have become little more than a daily chore, devoid of the usual diversions and enjoyments. The ground is churned into a depressing mud pile, slick underfoot, and treacherous in places. Except for the harder paths, venturing alongside the river, or into the woods in Hoe Rough, has become an unpleasant conflict with deep sticky mud.

Even Ollie finds it unpleasant now. Where once he plodded on regardless, he now seeks the drier sections of path, or at least those that don’t involve sinking up to his belly in mud or water. If I venture into the deeper areas, he stands forlornly behind, reluctant to follow, and I have to find an alternative route. There are less doggy friends around too, as other walkers are deterred by the mess, or the fact that walking across it is so arduous.

Once home, I have to spend ages cleaning the mud from his paws, digging deep into the pads to get it all off, before he is allowed into the house. I neglect this at my peril, as his muddy paw-prints would soon cover the carpets otherwise. This season is trying, in many ways, and with more heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, there is no sign of the mud diminishing any time soon.

Hopefully, normal reporting of more interesting walks will resume soon.


28 thoughts on “Mud, glorious mud

  1. I’m house sitting and pet sitting (two dogs or rather, bitches) at the moment, in Wales, and yes, mud everywhere here too. I don’t usually wear wellies but mine are finally having a good going over. It’s shame because I hoped to see a bit of the area but in this weather…


  2. Gosia could probably crochet some boots, matching fur tones! Or pray for a good hard frost, a couple of days at -16C should do the trick! It has here, even rivers are now passable πŸ™‚ Although I notice the dogs are spending less time free roaming at the moment and more time sleeping in the boiler room πŸ™‚


  3. So much for “all mud” joy. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. And when you don’t, you risk becoming a curmudgeon. Moreover, Ollie is at risk of becoming possessed by a cur mud djinn. When it comes to mud, tread lightly!


  4. Hello Pete. Sorry to hear the mud is hampering your daily walks. That wouldn’t be my idea of fun either, much as I’m an all weather walker. Are you far from the coast? Would you consider climbing into the car and heading for a bracing beach walk with Ollie? I adore beach walks, with the tide just out and a wide expanse of sand – the emptier the better – and a spot of beach combing as I go. x


    1. I am about 25 minutes by car from lovely beaches at Wells and Holkham. They go for miles, and are fringed by pine woods. It’s a lovely place to walk, and we take Ollie there often. The funny thing is, he doesn’t really like the beach much, or going into the sea. He’s happier around here, with the chance of seeing his doggy pals. I prefer the beach myself….
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I’ve harboured dreams of walking on the beach at Wells since I watched the television drama series Kingdom ( with Stephen Fry) some years ago. That’s my kind of beach! One day. Good luck with the mud while it persists πŸ˜‰ .


  5. How frustrating – if the rain back in Norfolk is anything like it is here up North I’m amazed you’ve managed to get out at all! January is always a tough one – I hope it gets better soon. Maybe you could head up to the coast if there’s a dry day to give you both a change of scenery!


    1. Not as bad as you have it up there, Lucy. Far from it in fact, just mud that keeps getting dampened and the little river overflowing onto the meadows. At least the house is dry!
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Same same in Cley, Pete, our lane is just as muddy, but still I’m relieved all the roads are working … I’ve been wearing my wellies almost every day. And if not, I was sorry I didn’t. The roses and the snowdrops are showing up at the same time and two weeks ago we saw the first Rhododendrons at Sheringham Park. What a pity we don’t have a real winter!
        Best wishes from Bonn, warm and very wet too …
        Best wishes,


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