Aquatic dog-walking

After the heavy rains and localised flooding yesterday, today started bright and sunny. By the time it got around to Ollie’s dog walk, some decent afternoon sun prompted me to take the camera along. Here are some of the results. All of the photos are large files, and can be clicked on for fine detail. You can zoom in on the mud, Ollie’s expressions, or the splashes as he walks in the river, if you so wish.

Out on Beetley Meadows, much of the usual path was still under up to a foot of water. Ollie looks as it he isn’t sure whether or not to venture in.(Sorry about the blurred branch at the top, I didn’t see it.)

He stayed on the slick mud in the end, deciding not to risk it.

Many of his favourite areas were too flooded for him to enjoy, so I headed over to Hoe Rough. Once there, I found this new pond, one that was just a natural depression, filled by rainwater.

Further on, the river was still flowing over the bank, and onto the paths. Ollie is so used to sticking to his route, he just walked through it, looking a little bemused.

At the other side of the river bend, I could see the water still flowing rapidly across the bank, and onto Hoe Rough.

If this carries on, we are going to need a small boat!


17 thoughts on “Aquatic dog-walking

  1. Flood? Water you talkin’ about? Oh, the photos! Well, it certainly does look a bit sloppy out there, Pete. You have to give Ollie (and yourself) some credit for sticking to the walking routine (and walking route). The photos are great. As for the blurred tree limb, I thought it was your thumb until I read your comment. My thumb has been known to photobomb on occasion….


    1. Just as I took the ‘thumb’ shot, my boot sank into about 8 inches of mud. I tried for a second shot, but Ollie had turned back towards me. I hate getting unwanted things in photos, but went with them anyway, due to the conditions.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Pete, do you have software on your computer that allows you to manipulate photos? I sometimes crop my photos to better frame the subject matter. I can also play a bit with brightness, shadow, contrast, and color saturation, as well as “straighten” the photo. The software allows me to compensate for the less-than-desirable quality of the photos, which I take with a cheap hand-me-down Kodak EasyShare (the camera was no longer “wanted” because Kodak no longer supports it)..


        1. I do have Photoshop Elements, given as a gift. I have to confess that I have never used it. (As yet)
          I could have cropped the photos in WordPress, but decided to leave my mistakes for all to see! (I was a bit tired to mess with them, to be honest.)
          Regards, Pete.


    1. I had to look up that German word, Pippa. I admit that Ollie’s tail is up, but with no doggy pals, a river too deep to enjoy, and a flooded path with no smells, I doubt that Ollie would agree about fun. x


  2. I did click on my buddy Ollie’s pictures and his expression is definitely asking you – “Are You Serious?!!!” IMO. But, he does continue on, this is HIS path! Thanks for taking the camera, Pete.

    [off topic – forgot to tell you yesterday that I’ve tried the Spam Reuben and passed. I’ve had real N.Y. deli Reubens, so I can’t say it will ever replace that, but I’m sure I’ll make it again.]


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