More watery scenes

I thought that I would show you a few more photos of a very waterlogged Beetley. There are only three this time, and as usual, they can be clicked on to enlarge details.

Ollie stares forlornly at the small river overflowing onto his usual path at Hoe Rough. He’s wondering which direction to take, I think. The blur at the top is my finger. I slipped in the deeper mud as I took the photo.

On Beetley Meadows, the other side of the flooded river is really encroaching onto our walk.

I managed to get some decent reflections in this mud-filled water, but it was too deep in the middle, to attempt to walk through it.

Although I enjoyed being out with the camera, I am sure that you will understand when I add that I hope it is the last time I have to post such photos.

24 thoughts on “More watery scenes

    1. It was made worse by sinking into 8 inches of mud as I fired the shutter. I could have cropped it, and in fact, I do have an alternative with a crop. But I like to show my failings…
      Sleet and snow now, bloody awful. But it’s not settling.
      Cheers mate, Pete.


  1. Having mistaken the blurred tree limb for your thumb on your previous post, I now see that your thumb has fulfilled its destiny! Hoe Rough looks more like Beetley Swamp, and I think you were lucky not to run into Swamp Thing! Your comment earlier about needing a boat makes a lot of sense, as it looks like you could row the Hoe!


    1. The only reason I know it was a tree branch the first time, is that it was almost touching my head as I took the photo. The small river flooded again yesterday, and Hoe Rough was even more like Hoe Lake.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Good to see some photos 🙂 Ollie looks decidedly fed up!

    The Levels are pretty soggy, too, although the river has been behaving itself more-or-less, so far. It hasn’t been as wet here as it has further north. Pretty wet today, though…


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