Significant Songs (106)

For The Love Of You

As soon I heard the opening line, ‘Drifting on a memory, ain’t no place I’d rather be, than with you’ I knew that this was a song that I was going to love. I didn’t have to wait to find out that it was by The Isley Brothers, as the first word was enough to make that obvious. Looking back now, it is hard to believe that it was as long ago as 1975, over forty years ago.

I had always liked the Isley Brothers. From the first release that I could remember, ‘Twist and Shout’, in 1962, the group released hit after hit. I was buying them all, and enjoying the sound. The list goes on and on, but notable singles include; ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’, ‘Put Yourself In My Place’, ‘Behind A Painted Smile’, ‘That Lady’, and many more. By the time ‘For The Love OF You’ arrived, I had been following the group for more than thirteen years, and was wrapped up in their range of songs, and distinctive style.

Over the decades, the line-up changed. Illness, prison terms, and brief solo careers saw various members drift in and out of the group. Despite these setbacks, they continued to record, and by the mid-1980s they were still selling huge numbers of records, as well as producing enduring hits like ‘Caravan Of Love’, and ‘Between The Sheets.’ Since 2010, Ron and Ernie Isley have performed as The Isley Brothers, and continue to this day, despite their age.

For me, this timeless love song seems as fresh today as it did when I was just twenty-three.


8 thoughts on “Significant Songs (106)

  1. Great tunes from the Isley Brothers, I sure remember all of their hits well.. I’ve begun all the way back to January .. I suppose I’ve been away far too long.. Lots of catching up to do… But, looking so forward to each post as much as seeing a lovely rainbow on a summers day..
    Take care, Laura 🙂

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    1. I didn’t get to see them for a long time. They were touring the UK about 2005/6, and I saw them at an open air gig, with Kool and The Gang, Amy Winehouse, and others. Ron was ill, and didn’t turn up, but they did their best. Lulu covered ‘Shout’ here, and got the big hit with it, in 1963.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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