The first snow in Beetley

It is Julie’s birthday today, and she has a day off work to celebrate it.

After a night of heavy rain and sleet, we opened the curtains this morning to be greeted by falling snow. Large fluffy flakes, falling at a fast rate. It was enough to darken an already grey sky, and necessitate putting on the lights in the house.

After almost an hour, it had snowed hard enough to settle a little on top of the beech hedges at the front. In the back garden, the ground was too wet to allow this, so it just added to the already waterlogged lawn.

This first snow of the year is not exactly welcome. Snow is never welcome in our little world. If it doesn’t settle, it just adds to the damp feel, but if it does, we have to face the usual problems of dangerous driving conditions, and difficulties when walking. We are never ready for snow here, and I am always amazed at how well countries that regularly experience heavy snow are able to cope.

This evening, we have planned to go for a birthday meal at the local Thai restaurant, the only place close enough to walk to.

So, Happy Birthday to my lovely wife, and let’s hope it stops snowing.

34 thoughts on “The first snow in Beetley

  1. Happy Birthday to July. Here it snowed a bit yesterday but didn’t settle. At the moment is sunny. I was in Wales until Wednesday and on my way back it started to snow. So much for not being prepared, I crashed the car. I’m fine, but the car not so much… Let’s hope the rest of the year gets better…


  2. Happy belated Birthday to Julie! Glad to hear it all went well and the snow didn’t materialise into anything more than a dusting. As I look out of the window I fear we will be house bound for a few days, although as is Polish tradition guests will be coming to us for Gosias Names day on Sunday, I wish them luck 🙂


    1. It snowed like a blizzard all night mate, but didn’t settle.
      I hope that you have an enjoyable Names Day, and that they manage to get through the snow to celebrate it.
      Best wishes to you all. Pete.


    1. Thanks Jimmy. We had an early one in the local Thai, but it went well. One of her colleagues popped in, to drop presents off and have a drink at the table. Then the owner gave Julie a nice bottle of wine as a gift as we left.
      Cheers mate. Pete.

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    1. With the wind now up to 50 mph, and driving sleet/rain, I have a feeling that we will be taking one of the cars, Sarah. Thanks for your good wishes, I will of course let Julie know.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. A sign of old age? As a kid Julie would have been thrilled to see it snow on her birthday I’m sure! A blue sky day here along with a very cold wind, I think I’ll stay indoors and do some more decluttering! Enjoy your Thai meal, we have a good Thai restaurant here, though it’s best to pass on the desserts… 😀
    Happy birthday to Julie 🙂

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