Wymondham Abbey

Before we moved to Norfolk in 2012, we visited the county often, to see Julie’s daughters. At the time, they were living in the ancient market town of Wymondham, and we stayed in a small hotel there, opposite the famous Abbey. (By the way, the name is pronounced Win-dom, not Why-Mond-Ham.)
In September 2010, I had taken along my SLR camera, and with the benefit of some very nice weather, I walked across to the Abbey, and took some photographs. They are all large files, and benefit from the big sensor in the SLR. Please click on them to see more detail.

The famous twin towers, unusual for a Norfolk church.DSCF0091

The ancient Abbey began life as a Priory, in the 11th Century, and some of that original complex remains, now little more than ruins.


The building is still in regular use as a place of worship, and though it is also very impressive inside, I couldn’t take interiors that day, as a large wedding party was in attendance. This is a view of only half of the Abbey, so gives some idea of its impressive size, and imposing position.


The town is now substantially developed, but the old centre still retains many buildings of historical interest, and makes for a nice diversion off the busy A11 road nearby. Close to the Abbey, there is an old station, with occasional trains to Dereham, run by railway enthusiasts, and an attractive riverside walk. For those of you interested to discover more about this important Abbey, I have added the following link to their website. http://www.wymondhamabbey.org.uk/


16 thoughts on “Wymondham Abbey

  1. Having looked at your photos and others online, I must say that I’m impressed by this abbey. I don’t recall seeing a religious structure like this with a tower at each end of the nave, so I suspect that’s an unusual feature. I also found photos of the interior, and, honestly, it’s magnificent.


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