Significant Songs (107)


Not the Patsy Cline classic, on this occasion. A much more modern and funkier song. One that got into my head, in fact my very being, for a long time during 2006. Ten years ago, a group that I had never hear of, Gnarls Barkley, released this unusual song, with vocals from front man CeeLo Green. It was at once a blast from the past, yet also something refreshingly different. Hard to categorise, it appealed to a very wide audience, and became a huge worldwide hit.

In the UK, this release was massively successful. It topped the then new download charts, and became number one in every chart published here, as well as winning a Grammy in the USA. It caught the imagination in this country, as well as in many other European countries too. CeeLo Green’s vocal style was unique, with a range extending from gravelly rough, to perfect falsetto. He had a great presence too, perfect for video, with his unusual dress sense, huge smile, and larger-than-life physique.

I bought their album immediately, but failed to find anything else on it of the same standard. CeeLo Green went on to a stable solo career, releasing a couple of albums, and having some success. He often pops up on TV shows here, and he continues to record. As for Gnarls Barkley, I have never heard of them since. But this song remains a one-off, a classic in its own genre, and for that, I salute it.


11 thoughts on “Significant Songs (107)

  1. A most distinctive song. I must admit that I have not heard of most bands/singers over the last 20 years – but I do remember this band, probably because the name sounds like a solo singer!


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