A new blogging year

The first month of 2016 is almost over, and the new blogging year is well under way. As is my habit, I like to look at how the blog is doing, tweak a few posts, and think about the things that I like to write about, or those that are popular with readers and followers. Trends seem to alter with each new year on this blog. Regular ‘commenters’ continue loyally, as others change, or disappear completely. New followers appear out of nowhere, and some bloggers that I have followed for years just cease to post, or delete their blogs completely.

The awful weather outside has been bad for photos, so I have had to turn to shots taken years ago, to feed the love for pictures on posts. I cannot deny that photos are popular. Any post that I publish with accompanying photos will receive many more views than those that are just text. Once the weather improves, I fully intend to supply a lot more photo posts, as they are a great way of showing the unfamiliar areas of East Anglia to a readership that fortunately spans the globe.

I have not written any fiction since last November. Whilst the last stories were well-received, they take a huge toll on time, and require a lot of research and organisation. I have recently been posting a lot more music entries in my ‘Significant Songs’ series. I don’t know why these have cropped up more lately, but I seem to have been remembering more songs, so I have been committing them to the blog as and when they come to me. I haven’t sent any articles to be published on the film websites for a while. I have a couple half-finished, but the inspiration to get them completed has deserted me, at least for the time being.

Ollie’s antics have not changed sufficiently to provide fresh ideas for posts about dog-walking. I try to avoid undue repetition when writing about the daily travels with my dog, so as they are always very similar in the winter, I have left them off for now. The weather always continues to feature of course. Although it may seem boring to some readers, the excesses of mud and water play such a huge part in my life, they will undoubtedly always be documented. Blog housekeeping takes up a lot of time too. You Tube clips and film trailers constantly ‘drop off’, or are removed by companies. Scrolling through the posts that contain them, then finding new clips to replace the ones that have disappeared, is a chore that must be done a few times a year.

The year ahead looks promising. The new camera is still working well, and I have a few ideas for short stories. I am planning to follow some different blogs, as well as remaining loyal to the old ones, naturally. Year four of blogging, and I still enjoy it as much, if not more, than I ever did. If you happen across this post, and you do not currently write a blog yourself, please consider starting one. I am sure you will enjoy it, and find it rewarding, whatever subjects you decide to write about.

28 thoughts on “A new blogging year

  1. I guess it depends on what you enjoy the most. I do enjoy the pictures (although you’re right about the weather) and would like to know more about what goes on locally (and your volunteering). I loved your fiction, although yes, it does take a lot of work… Every so often it’s interesting to revisit an old post, as new readers won’t have read them all, and all readers might not remember or like to see them again.


    1. Thanks, Olga. I would like to re-blog some older posts one day soon. Now that I have posted 875 different things, it becomes increasingly unlikely that anyone will venture that far back into the archives. Thanks as always for the comment, and the re-tweets too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Oh, oh, I envy you for being enthusiastic with posting Pete. I have yet to update my blogs. I am grateful though that despite the slack, a lot still visit those sites. I’ve received a couple of lovely comments lately on old posts.


    1. Ever since I started, I have always made a real effort to reply to comments, if only to thank the person for bothering. As for commenting on blogs I follow, like yours, I don’t really see the point of following them unless I make time to contribute. Likes are always nice to get, but comments and debate are the lifeblood of blogging, and without them, the posts would just lie ‘stagnant.’

      I have only done a few actual single film reviews, I know. However, I have published 16 articles on Curnblog, and a couple on A World of Film. The film and cinema section on my own blog consists mainly of five-film mini reviews, focusing on specific countries, or themes. Like this one, from 2013,
      https://beetleypete.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/some-chinese-films/ and many more like this, in the archives. I may try more single reviews this year, and see how they are received. Here are some other links to explore.

      Thanks for all your contributions, Cindy. They are all valued.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I’m glad to have found you this year. SOOOO, March 13 is wide open for the Lucky Film Club topic. I was thinking of featuring one film with a great performance by a female. Would you care to help me co-host? πŸ™‚


        1. I could go with that, Cindy. maybe something like ‘Rome, Open City’, with Anna Magnani? (A little hysterical at times…) Or perhaps Jennifer Tilly, in ‘Bound’? (Not as silly as she seems) Even Isabelle Adjani in ‘La Reine Margot.'(Historical shenanigans)
          A personal favourite would be Galina Vishnevskya as the grandma, in ‘Aleksandra.'(Moving and current-sort of)
          Let me know the sort of thing you would like by email. petejohnson50@yahoo.com
          Regards as always, Pete.


          1. I’m sadly not a fan of that lady, David. I never got past the awful ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’!
            We may not be doing a strong role for a woman, after all. I am currently working it out with Cindy.
            Regards, Pete.


  3. I love the photos on your blog, Pete. But I also look forward to reading your short stories. I suspect some of your followers are intimidated by large chunks of text, so perhaps you could take a photo or two (or use some old travel photos) and incorporate them into a short story. Another idea is “A Day in the Life of Ollie,” in which you could document a typical day by captioning photos. It would involve more than just the daily walk, of course.


    1. Good suggestions, David. A day in the life of Ollie would consist of him asleep, followed by his walk, followed by him eating his dinner, then asleep again! There might be a few lighter moments, if he decided to play with one of his many toys, for example. Some readers might enjoy it though.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  4. A lovely wrap-up Pete, I will make more effort to follow your blog this year I promise. You are always very interesting, fun and I love reading everything you write – especially Ollie’s antics and your love of music x


  5. I have ben blogging for just over 4 years as well, and find it a rewarding and sometimes frustrating experience as well. I enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing more in 2016!


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