Planning ahead

Over the past year, there has been a lot of debate and advice on here, about the space limits imposed on bloggers. When I started to publish a lot of large-file photos, my allowance usage went from 1% to almost 30% within a few weeks. I received a lot of great advice on how to counter this effect. Reduce file sizes, compress images, and then the allowance would last a lot longer. After giving this a lot of thought, I decided to carry on as I was, and just go ‘Premium’ when the time came. After all, $99 a year is not too much to pay, for something that is such a large part of my life.

I have since thought about that. Once I start paying for more space, there is a good chance that I could go on for another eight to ten years before ever filling it. I might decide to stop blogging, at some time in the future. I might become unwell, or incapacitated in some way that affects my ability or desire to blog. Then there is the possibility that I could just die, of course. So, I thought to myself, what happens to this blog, if and when I stop paying the annual fee? Does wordpress trim it back, to the original 3GB allowance? Or does it just get deleted? I don’t really know the answers to those questions. I suppose I could ask wordpress forums, or cast my question out into the vast sea that is blogging, and get replies from those who know.

One thing does concern me. If I am doing all this to leave some sort of electronic legacy for my family, friends, and future readers and historians to contemplate, (I know, they probably won’t…) is there any point, if it is just going to be deleted at some stage in an unseen future? I decided that if I am to secure the work so far, at least as long as wordpress continues to provide a platform, I need to create another blog, and link it to this one, once the space is full. Hopefully, that might ensure continuity of the many posts already published, and allow followers to continue with something familiar.

Yesterday saw the creation of beetleyblog. This will become the successor to beetleypete, at some unspecified date. It has just one post so far, and uses a basic theme, which will be tweaked when the time arrives. At least I have the name secured, in case anyone else around here thought to start blogging, and to choose that title. In the meantime, if anyone does know the answer to the questions posed above, feel free to let me know in the comments.


21 thoughts on “Planning ahead

    1. It is a long way off as yet, Em, but if I start posting lots of photos this summer, it will soon arrive. I wanted to get a similar name before someone else grabbed it. It was easy enough to do, and I will tweak it as and when it goes live. xx

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  1. You used to be able to pay for a space upgrade (my OH has one on his music blog) which was much cheaper, sadly this option is now only available to those who already have it. If you upgrade to premium it is an annual fee. If you don’t pay it then your blog reverts to a free plan. I have no idea what happens to the photos uploaded though as I guess that space reverts to 3GB so could be full. I have done a search on WP and Google and can’t find the answer to that. I guess once you upgrade basically you need to keep upgrading! I think creating a new free blog is the answer, though you will probably lose a lot of followers.


    1. Thanks, Jude. It will be some time before I fill up this one, and I agree that many followers will drop off, unless I do a very good job of promoting the change. Thanks for the info, sort-of confirms what I suspected.


    2. OK. Found a bit more out about what happens to files if you don’t continue the upgrade: “You will not be able to upload new files until you resubscribe to the plan. Files that you have already uploaded won’t be deleted and will remain accessible.” I assume that only applies if you have reached the 3GB or want to upload videos etc.

      One way around this is to put your images on a free site such as flickr and link to your blog. I looked at doing this once, but it only worked well for single images, not galleries that I use a lot. Maybe I need to investigate this again.


      1. Many thanks for looking into this, Jude. I am sure that once the 3GB limit is reached, they just leave you alone, and let the site stay active as it was up until that point. Perhaps someone at wordpress will pick up on this discussion? Maybe a one-off upgrade might suit me by then? It should provide enough space to fill a few years, by which time, it may not matter any more! x


        1. Point is a one-off upgrade is only valid a year, so even if you have space to spare you can’t carry it over in to the following year. You have to keep paying the upgrade.


  2. Let’s hope that when the sun dies in five billion years, mankind will have migrated to other star systems, and that they will have downloaded all of the information stored in Earth’s servers to take with them. Of course, the space bound servers will need to enjoy a large space allowance.


  3. Interesting. I have a premium account, too. I haven’t given any thought to space or how much I have used; I reckoned when that time came–I ran out of space–I’d do what you are suggesting and continue on with a new site. I did think when I was older and grayer, and if I had the inclination, I’d take my very best posts and self publish them so I’d have something for posterity. I am just one voice in several billion, so as the sand particle on the beach, I don’t take stock in my importance, but my kids and grandkids might get a kick looking over my thoughts and opinions, dating it as old-fashioned and silly in 20-50 years.


    1. That sums up how I feel about it. Nothing to speak of, in the grand scheme of things, but I would like it to still be around, like an old photograph, or some letters from the war. It will be a curiosity in a hundred years time, but only for anyone in the family, or the children of close friends.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. This is very interesting, Pete! I’d like to know the answers to your questions as well. I must admit, I’d never given it a thought, except thinking liking you, “well, so what, when the limit is reached, I’ll go premium.” I didn’t think about it being a yearly fee, rather assuming it was a single payment for more volume. My free volume is almost finished and that’s no wonder with my big image files so I’ll closely watch the commentaries on this post. Thanks for bringing this subject up.:-)
    Greetings to you all in Beetley from Norway,
    Dina x


    1. Thanks, Dina. The increased space is worth having, but as far as I understand it, the fee is annual, not a one-off payment. Let’s hope someone supplies the answers. Have a lovely time in Norway.
      Love from Beetley, Pete and Ollie. X


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