Productive Blogging

Over the last seven days, I have enjoyed a very satisfying blogging experience. There are times when we all lack inspiration. Often life just gets in the way, and the blog takes a back seat for a while, as you have to deal with stuff. On some occasions, it is easy to lose heart, to think about changing direction. In the past, I have considered the idea of stopping the blog completely, and concentrating on writing instead. Maybe a fiction book, or perhaps a story based on my life; part-truth, some made up. But I didn’t do it, because I know that I would miss blogging.

Sometimes though, it just all comes together. The posts are interesting and enjoyable to write. The readers like them, and the views and visits increase, as well as remaining stable. This past week has been such a time. Starting with a post about the blogging year ahead, and continuing with a well-liked photo post about everyday things in Beetley, I went on to write two fictional short stories, a detailed travel-themed post about walking in London, and managed to squeeze in a music article too. The result of all this industry has been a very good response from my followers and occasional readers, as well as the discovery that I now have five new followers too.

I have also enjoyed keeping up with the blogs that I usually follow, and commenting on the posts on those. I have prepared a collaboration with another blogger, to be featured in March, and followed one new blog, as well as re-following one that had been dormant and has now resurfaced. Tomorrow, I am back at the windmill, volunteering once again after the January closure. It has been a very good week indeed, and bodes well for the rest of 2016.


24 thoughts on “Productive Blogging

      1. I told my sister from Seattle about your site as well…she and her husband recently retired, travel a lot throughout the northwest, and I thought your site offered her some insight on how to take advantage of some free time – and share great stories with others as well!


  1. I think the key here is that you enjoy the blog and THAT makes all the difference! Some people blog for attention, some for money, but doing it as something you look forward to shows through in your posts!! Your year is off to a rip-roaring start, Pete!

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    1. I agree with our dear friend GP Cox, Pete. You both enjoy blogging and you are genuine. Please stay happy bloggers, both of you! 🙂
      Wishing you a great weekend,
      with love from Norway, Dina

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