Snow on the roof

After an unusually cold and wet night, we awoke this morning to snow on the roof. We had heard the hail and sleet, but thought little of it. It felt a bit chilly in bed, but it is February, after all.

The snow was something of a shock. Even after it had melted on the house, it remained on the shed roof, and in the grass over at the Meadows. My dog walk was muddy and annoying, accompanied by unpleasant showers of hail and sleet, pattering against my coat. I could have done without it, that’s for sure.

The sleet turned to rain, late in the afternoon, and soaked the furry collar of my coat. I was happy to get home, to get into the warm, and not to be walking through the slick mud. It would appear that winter has come late to Beetley. I can do without that, thanks very much.

21 thoughts on “Snow on the roof

  1. I had to drive up north the other day. A fourteen hour round trip in hail, sleet & heavy snow. I was glad to get back to London. Mind you, I’m always glad to get back to London.
    Have you tried acupuncture for Ollie?


  2. It was around 77 F (25 C) and sunny here today, so we picnicked in Hemenway Park (which overlooks Lake Mead) in Boulder City, eschewing the picnic pavilion in favor of spreading a plastic tablecloth out on the grass. We didn’t expect to see any desert bighorn sheep, as they won’t come down out of the mountains until March or April. Most of the trees are leafing out now, and the grass is beginning to grow. As for snow, Mt. Charleston, which is visible from the valley, still has a white summit. The snow has mostly melted on the other mountains around here, but it was pretty sight while it lasted.


    1. I am suitably envious of your ability to enjoy a picnic, David. It was so cold here last night, I woke up at 4 am unable to get warm, even in bed! Fortunately, the snow didn’t last though.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. (sighs) we had a big snow yesterday as well. I’m tired of the winter. I want to go out in the yard and roll in the grass and lie in the sun. This snow, I can definitely live without! Woof!


        1. We are OK thanks, Em. Ollie might have to have to go to the Vet this week, as he has some skin inflammation again, but he’s happy enough dozing in the sunshine coming through the windows this morning. xx


          1. Oh poor Ollie! But I’m glad he’s happy enough dozing in the sunshine at the moment. I’m in a similar position at work, the sunlight is streaming through but….unfortunately, no dozing for me!

            Hope Ollie feels better soon, vets or no vets xx


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