Dull life, dull blog

Well the first week of March is over, and not much is happening, in my small world at least. Despite the eyesight issues, I am managing to tick along with the ‘reduced’ blogging, though I sometimes have to restrict my responses to ‘likes’ and not leave comments.

I have said before how much I usually like this month, based mainly on the fact that my birthday is coming up soon. But it is more than that. March usually brings a great improvement in the weather, and makes me feel that the winter is over, and better times are around the corner. At least it used to be like that, in my memories, anyway.

Not this year though. The upside-down climate has brought us snow, sleet, and extreme cold. The last few days have added heavy rain, still pouring as I type. And that’s all in just nine days. Dark mornings have replaced the bright sun of late February, and dull afternoons have been affecting my mood too. I have had little inspiration for posts, and been unable to endure writing for too long. I decided to ignore the blog statistics, and settle in to a new routine. This involves not writing drafts, just checking emails and responses, and hoping for an end to the relentless mud and ground water.

These two aspects of the weather have nothing to do with blogging of course. But as so much a part of my day revolves around a long walk with Ollie, I am beginning to tire of slipping around, trying to hold an umbrella, and getting mud-splashed and soaking wet. This is not the time for eagerly anticipating a trip across into the countryside to stroll with the dog. Instead, I dread the chore, put it off later and later, feeling guilty that I am making him wait.

I also have no desire to venture out to places new, just to get muddy and wet somewhere different. This is a dull time indeed, for Ollie, as well as for me. That has been reflected in my blog, and for that, I apologise.

See you again soon.

42 thoughts on “Dull life, dull blog

    1. I have visited Greece on a few occasions, and agree that you have generally good weather, more pleasant than the UK. However, it gets much too hot over there for me for me in the peak summer months, so I hope that you get a break from the heat sometimes.
      Regards, Pete.

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  1. It’s been a weird winter indeed. I’m in Barcelona at the moment and although it’s not that cold (and it’s sunny most of the time), you can’t tell from one minute to the next and it is colder than usual. I hope everything improves soon. And thanks for visiting my blog even with all the problems. It’s truly appreciated. Love to Ollie and the rest of the family


    1. Thanks, Olga. I am envious of your location. I could do with a glass of Garnacha in Placa Reial, under the palms, or lunch at Barceloneta. That would be very nice indeed. Have a great weekend.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Cheers Terry. I have some (older) friends who use similar programmes, and the mistakes are often hilarious! If it doesn’t improve after surgery, I will be investing in one, I’m sure.
      Love to all, Pete. x


  2. Take a break Pete and don’t worry about it. Sounds like you need to have a rest and get over the health issues which must have an impact on your mood, as does the weather. I haven’t been for a walk for ages because I hate the mud and wet. Not good for me though as I miss the opportunity to take photos and see what is happening around me. Blogging gives me a structure to focus on now I don’t work, though at the moment I confess to finding it a bit of a chore. I probably need a break too! Take care xx


    1. Funnily enough, I never really find blogging to be a chore, as it is my primary social outlet (sadly) and keeps me mentally active. But I do understand how it makes you feel sometimes, so perhaps you can have a ‘natural break’ after the move south. x

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  3. It could be worse! Like when I ventured downt’ bottom field this morning to pick up a felled tree in the tractor, a 10 minute job turned into three hours as I ended up getting stuck int’ mud and had to remove a fence in the end to find a route out o field. Forgive the Yorkshire accent! I was feeling pretty down and then I heard the birds singing and I was reminded that everything will change soon.
    Good to read a post of yours though, I was starting to worry πŸ™‚


  4. You can already guess what it’s like in Southern Nevada, so I’ll spare you the details. I trimmed the two double-trunk Mexican fan palms in the back yard on Monday and Tuesday. Perched high on a folding aluminium ladder (fortunately, I don’t suffer from vertigo, but still…), I sawed off over 70 fronds. Today, I will spend a few hours cutting them up into bundles for the trash service to pick up. This is not a fun task. I’d rather slop my way through “relentless mud and ground water.” Well, maybe.


    1. I might not exchange the mud for tree pruning, David, but I would like to be sitting in your garden with a glass of wine, enjoying a warm evening ahead.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. We have wine (and tea) ready to serve! You might want to wait, though, until I’ve cleared the patio of the mountain of stuffed trash bags I created with over five hours of cutting and snipping today. The next little chore in the back yard involves ridding the African sumac tree of all its dead branches, and also “weeding” out some of the branches I don’t want. The palm trees and sumac were planted the week of April 15, 2004. So they have almost 12 years of growth now. The palm trees are tall enough now that they provide very little shade, but the sumac has compensated for that. In fact, that was my strategy all along. So we do get quite a bit of shade out on the patio, which is on the south side of the house.

        As for your blog, it’s never a dull moment as far as the reader is concerned. I’ll join the blog chorus in reassuring you that better weather is just around the corner (does Norfolk have corners?), and that you will overcome, in time, the ailments that currently afflict you. As we say here in the Mojave desert, “Keep your chin upβ€”but watch out for the jumping cholla!”


  5. Oh Pete you sound down in the dumps 😦 please don’t apologise though, we all deserve a bit of ‘quiet time’ and you’re not very well at the moment. Everyone is always so pleased to hear from you, when you can.

    I’m a bit like that at the moment too, work is so boring and the weather is so rubbish. January blues seem to have kicked in right around March! I’m looking forward to Easter. Take care dear Pete! xxx


  6. Oh, but the weather does have something to do with your blogging. Without contact with the sun’s rays can produce all sorts of depressed emotions and lethargy. Farther north, in the land of 6-month evenings proves it. Take care and Spring will improve your spirits.


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