900 and counting

This is post 902 on this blog. Add the smaller number of posts from my other blog, and I have written a total of 958 posts, since the summer of 2012. When I started out, I thought that I might manage one post a month. After all, what did I have to say, or to tell the world about?

Early experiments about life in Norfolk soon expanded to memoirs of London life, and my time in the Ambulance Service. Walks with Ollie seemed mundane to my eyes, but increased my following ten-fold, and continue to be popular. I thought about adding some fiction pieces, and they were generally well-received too. I had soon reached the previously unimaginable figure of 300 posts, and I was sure that I would soon run out of ideas and things to write about, then just dry up naturally.

By the time I saw 500 posts approaching, I was convinced that it couldn’t go on much longer. Adding the Significant Songs series boosted numbers of course, but how many of those would there be? A lot, by all accounts, once I began to delve into my memories. Having work published on other sites also generated posts, as I rushed to tell everyone about this, by writing a post with a link to those articles. Muddy walks with Ollie, battered by all kinds of unspeakable weather, generated plenty of material to enable me to carry on. But as I reached the 700 mark, I started to have some serious doubts about the longevity of my blog.

Followers had increased, yet some had gone forever; disappeared without trace, like American teenagers on milk cartons. New faces cropped up every day, yet viewing figures stayed static. More followers, less comments, the same amount of views. I started to question my blogging style and skills, which in turn generated more posts about this very subject. It struck me how incestuous the blogging world can become. Writing posts about writing posts, generating work by writing about how to generate work. My head was in a spin, and I wondered whether or not to carry on.

Then I bought a new camera.

Once I started to add photos, I discovered what I had always suspected. People like pictures. Figures boomed, stats went through the roof, and new followers poured in, like sand from a bucket. The blog was rejuvenated, and so was I. Very soon, I was well past 800 posts, and could begin to imagine the magic 1,000. I had the fanciful idea that I would bow out when I reached that total. I would leave my one thousand posts as a legacy, and disappear, like so many of those bloggers I had enjoyed so very much. Now I have broken the 900 number, I am not so sure. I am still being published on other sites, even though I submit less articles than I used to. I continue to gain inspiration and knowledge from other bloggers within my own community, and outside of it too.

Maybe I will try for 2,000. What do you think?


38 thoughts on “900 and counting

  1. I think you shouldn’t think of your blog as a race at which time you will one day cross the finish line and be done. Don’t restrict yourself. I dare say it keeps you mentality active and interesting. 😉 I, for one, am glad you didn’t stop at 900–I would have missed the pleasure of your personality. Thank you again, btw, for Lucky 13.


    1. Thanks, Cindy. I never consider that I am racing to post a certain number of posts. They caught up on me without my noticing, and I had the strange thought that I might just stop at a figure.
      Then I didn’t.
      I really enjoyed the Lucky 13 this month, and was pleased that you went ahead with it.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Kelly. It is a lot to do with being retired, and having the time on my hands to churn out a lot of stuff! I am sure you will soon learn how easy it is to suddenly discover that you have posted hundreds of articles, without realising it. (WordPress will remind you though…)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’d like to point out that 900+ posts on beetleypete is quite impressive when you consider that the vast majority are of some length, well conceived, and well written. I would imagine that life itself will suggest many topics as future years roll by. I don’t think the well of topics will ever run dry. The question is how long do you wish to draw the bucket.


  3. When I started blogging, someone asked me “how many things do you have to talk about?” Well, i passed 1,000 in January, and like you, have found different sub-cultures in social media: some are passionate about wild movies, some love to discuss music, others food, and of course, BACON. Your posts are entertaining, thoughtful, and a nice surprise to find in my Inbox – keep writing!


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