Michael Caine: An appreciation.

I have been fortunate to have another film and cinema article published on the website Curnblog.com
It celebrates the work of the British actor, Michael Caine. If you are at all interested in film and cinema, I would recommend this excellent site. And if you would like to read my latest article, please follow the link, and comment too.

Michael Caine: An appreciation

Thanks in anticipation, Pete.

4 thoughts on “Michael Caine: An appreciation.

  1. Pete, the article could have been twice as long and remained just as interesting to read. As I pointed out in my brief comment, I am a huge fan of Brian De Palma’s “Dressed to Kill,” in which Michael Caine had a supporting role as psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliott. (As an aside, the Caine/De Palma connection immediately brings to mind “Raising Cain,” another excellent psychology-drenched De Palma film starring John Lithgow). I agree with you that Michael Caine is an excellent actor. Sometimes an actor “becomes” the character, and is so convincing in the role that the film goer is apt to assume he’s not acting at all, but rather just being himself. That’s unfortunate, but it also shows the caliber of the actor.


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