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In August 2012, shortly after starting this blog, I published a post about the place where I live. It had the simple title, ‘Beetley Village’ and was a descriptive piece about the place we had moved to, and made our new home. It wasn’t at all controversial; just a series of observations, and an overview of the area and its facilities.

Since it appeared on my blog, it has been very popular indeed. Although not read every day, it has been viewed over 300 times in less than four years, making it one of the most-read single posts on my blog. Despite this documented success, it has received only two ‘likes’ in all that time, and attracted only three comments, as well as my replies to those. Is it only me that finds this quite strange? My most popular post ever, ‘The Driest County In England’ has also had a high number of views, but very few likes or comments.

Perhaps it is the nature of these posts, that they do not generate the need for debate, or maybe those that read them are not the sort of people to comment about such matters. It’s not a big deal, and hardly worth this post, really. Still, it does intrigue me, and made me wonder if any of you have similar stories, of popular posts that are rarely ‘liked’ or commented on.


28 thoughts on “Popular Posts

  1. My earlier blog posts didn’t receive as much likes and comments like the recent ones. Over the years though, everything is slowly picking up. I haven’t read that post yet. Have to go back one of these days and read your earlier entries.

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  2. I’ve never been very sure about what the analytics mean in these posts. I agree that sometimes people who come from elsewhere and are asked to sign here or there won’t bother, unless they personally know you. Sometimes like buttons appear or disappear and I wonder if some of their updates make likes appear and disappear too, but yes, it’s a puzzlement…


  3. I’m a lot more pessimistic and sceptical with my blog. When a post has a lot of views and it seems slightly random I assume it is a glitch or a link to a popular photo. I never assume it’s because people are actually reading the content.


    1. These posts get such regular views that I doubt it is a glitch. I did have a glitch once though, when one post about films was read over 100 times in an hour or so. I reckon it was some sort of Spammer’s trick that had gone wrong.
      Regards, Pete.


    1. My best day ever was only just over 400 views, Cindy. But I did find out why. Vinneh read almost my entire blog, in one sitting, and luckily, he admitted to it, saving me any confusion!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I have the same issue – I used to get many “likes”, but now see most comments posted on my Facebook page, even when asking people to leave comments on the blog…at the end of the day, it’s nice to know if people responded to the subject matter…on the other hand, you are getting a lot of response to this, which just shows that people read more than they acknowledge!


  5. I imagine the lack of “likes” and comments is due to:
    (1) People who visit beetleypete but who do not have a WordPress account, and therefore can’t “like” or comment.
    (2) WordPress account holders who don’t follow your blog, but who visit it. Basically, hit and run.
    (3) Followers of beetleypete who don’t bother to interact.


  6. FDN is right I think, I only get one regular commentator outside of blogland so I have to conclude that people just don’t like to have to signup or sign into things to leave feedback. Frozen baby wipes is still a hit on my blog, simply because it’s one of those odd things that people search for on google and I’m one of the few sites that matches that odd search! You on the other hand provide an overview of the village of Beetley, I’m guessing you must be high in the google search results for the same…in fact I’m going to check…..yes, 4th result on a google search for Beetley Village 🙂 Thank you for providing this vital public service Pete.


    1. Cheers, Eddy. I had no idea that I was fourth on a Google search. The potential house buyers might well be the explanation. And I am more than happy to still be providing a public service, even in retirement!
      Regards as always, Pete.


  7. It’s probably the latter, people who are travelling or thinking of moving to the area and they’re visiting a million and one websites and the thought of having to sign in to comment or like is a hassle they can do without. They may think it’s an ordinary website and not realise that a blog needs likes and comments. Or something along those lines. I must go see that I’ve liked and commented. I don’t think I have when it comes to your early post.


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