Significant Songs (117)

Look At Me

In 1998, Geri Halliwell, also known as Ginger Spice, was the first member to leave the British all-girl group, The Spice Girls. Before joining them, Geri had mainly been known as a topless and nude glamour model, appearing in magazines like Playboy, and in certain tabloid newspapers. When the group was created, she was brought in to become Ginger Spice, with red hair as her distinctive feature, and habitually wearing a dress with a Union Flag design.

From 1995, until Halliwell left three years later, the five girls had an amazingly successful career, becoming one of the top-selling vocal groups of all time, with album sales in excess of 75,000,000.
In 1999, Geri’s solo album was well-received, with this single reaching the top of the charts. She went on to release more records, winning a Brit award along the way, as well as carving out a TV career as a talent-show judge, and presenter. In 2007, the Spice Girls re-formed, and Geri joined them for the tour. Despite being back together, they all still worked on their individual careers, some with more success than others.

I had not been a particular fan of the group. After all, they were very much a teen sensation, and I was 43 by the time they started out. However, I did have more time for their solo work, enjoying Emma Bunton’s single releases, and some by Melanie Chisholm too. This single was accompanied by a black and white promotional video of cinematic quality, lasting for over four minutes, and showcasing the various styles adopted by Geri. The music had a retro feel to it, like something I might have heard in the 1960s, and that drew me in too. I was hooked, and still love to hear it now.

19 thoughts on “Significant Songs (117)

    1. As I said, Jimmy, I wasn’t a Spice Girls fan, but enjoyed some of their solo efforts. I cannot honestly say that I like Taylor Swift, but I cannot deny her success, and huge record sales. I see her very much as the ‘New Britney’, in that respect. And she is sexy enough, as evidenced by your video clip.
      Cheers mate, Pete.

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  1. Lovely post, Pete. I’m in Germany right now, and thus not allowed to watch the video because of GEMA. 😦
    Happy Easter to you all.
    Best wishes,
    Dina & co


  2. I looked at her!
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” I don’t know if the video I watched on YouTube is the same one you posted here, but she spends much of it in a bathing suit. I’ve never familiarized myself with the Spice Girls. I did enjoy this song, though. It was fun (and my eyes were pleased).


      1. Definitely not, David. Maybe the link takes you to another one, in the USA. That’s a shame, because this one is like a small film. I remember the swimsuit version. She still looks good, but it lacks variety.
        Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Hewo Pete! *waves*

    Nice post 🙂 not what I expected to see but I love your honesty! I remember this song well. And I remember Geri’s boobs well! She has a distinctive singing voice too.

    I really like the Take That song ‘Shine’ and ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears – we all have weaknesses!

    Hope you’re doing okay xxx

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    1. I suppose you could say that this song, and especially ‘Maybe’ by Emma Bunton, are my not so secret Spice Girls weaknesses. I confess that I also found (and still find) Emma and Geri to be very sexy (unlike the other three) so that helps a lot! I’m not a Take That fan, (Julie is) but I have a lot of time for some of Britney’s songs. (Must be those videos again…)
      I like to provide the ‘unexpected’ now and again.
      I am not too bad thanks, Em. As we say in the UK, I am ‘Bearing Up.’ (Whatever that really means…)
      As ever, Pete. xxx

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