At the end of February, I posted about being affected by Vertigo. This had appeared out of nowhere, and caused considerable distress, as well as issues with balance that made sleeping problematical. I went to see my doctor, and was told about the condition, and that there was a chance that it would continue indefinitely, or perhaps just go away. Even if it did disappear, there was a possibility that it might return unannounced, at some stage in the future.

Caused by tiny crystals forming in the inner ear, Vertigo is something that makes everyday things, like bending down, lying flat in a bath, or turning over in bed, into a daily challenge. Trying to remember that it might strike you as you stoop down to pick something up, or bend to wash your hair in a shower, becomes a chore and an irritation. As well as that, driving was out of the question, as I considered it far too dangerous to be behind the wheel of my car, if affected by an episode of dizziness. I did learn to cope though. Forward-thinking, and being less panicked by the feeling when it came on made life bearable, and I settled in to the idea of managing the condition as best as I could.

After five weeks of this, it suddenly stopped. Two days ago. I slid down in the bath, chiding myself for forgetting for a moment, and expecting to experience the usual upside-down feeling that accompanies these moments of inattention. Nothing happened. I decided to experiment some more, and raised my legs, pushing my head further back. Still nothing. Once I was out of the bath, I tried bending right over, and touching my toes. No dizzy spell. I was naturally pleased. Could it have gone? Maybe it had cured itself, the crystals disappearing into some microscopic chamber inside my head. I was wary of becoming too happy about this discovery. It might be a case of momentary relief, and if it had reappeared later, I would have been doubly disappointed.

For two days now, I have continued my efforts to make it come back. Bending forward and back, lying down, standing up too quickly, and rolling over in bed. So far, it would seem that I am back to normal, and able to do the things that I could before it arrived. Fingers crossed, it has gone.

44 thoughts on “Verti-gone?

  1. Pete, this is good news! As for the crystals that have disappeared into some microscopic chamber inside your head, it just so happens that the chamber in question is where brilliant ideas are stored. Those crystals will amplify the ideas, causing them to burst out of the confines of the chamber. They will then make the inevitable journey to the nearby chambers of critical analysis. At that point, your mind will be able to draw upon these ideas, thereby prompting you to write posts here at beetleypete that will astonish and enlighten.

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  2. Pete: Vertigo, don’t try too hard to get it back – you don’t want any nasty surprises. As you so wittily put it, Verti-gone. Spring is here now, a cause for celebration. Brian


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