A Natural look at Beetley

When I was feeling very unwell recently, the lovely Sue over at wordsvisual nominated me to take part in her nature photo challenge. https://suejudd.com/2016/03/31/seven-day-nature-photo-day-four-spring-is-springing/

I felt churlish having to decline at the time, but I really didn’t feel like thinking about photography, when all I could manage was a shorter than usual walk with Ollie. I did promise her that I would try some shots when I felt better, and see what delights nature has to offer, close to our home in Beetley. With the sun finally appearing after lunch today, I did just that. I am not that familiar with close-up photography, and do not have the benefit of specialist lenses, so this is just a general idea of some of the local flora and fauna. Go to Sue’s site for more accomplished photography.
The files are all large size, as usual, and clickable for detail. I know that few of you ever click on these pictures, (stats tell me) but on this occasion, I would really recommend that you go for detailed enlargement, as you will see the spikes on the plant, and the bee in the third photo, in great clarity. I used the 1:1 square format today, as it always reminds me of shooting with film.

This spiky bush with yellow flowers is everywhere over at Hoe Rough, and covers about 25% of the open space. Some of them are taller than me, and many are in thicker clumps, but this one was ideal for seeing it in isolation. I have no idea what it is called, but the spikes are very sharp!

I walk past this fallen tree most days, and have always been interested by the thick creeper-like tendrils that are entwined around it. I like to imagine that they were instrumental in its demise. This was taken against the light, facing west.

I was attracted to these small pink and purple flowers by the very loud buzzing of lots of bees. It took a lengthy wait for a bee to settle long enough for a clear picture, but this large specimen obliged after a while.

It wouldn’t be a photo post without trying to get Ollie in the frame, would it? He rushed into this rainwater pool to cool down, and after five shots, he finally looked at the camera. It is some indication of the rain we have had here, to see just how wide and deep that pool is.

I hope that you enjoyed these. For better photos of plants, flowers, and such things, it is probably best to look elsewhere on wordpress.


48 thoughts on “A Natural look at Beetley

  1. Great photos, Pete. I think the yellow flowers are probably gorse and I suspect the tendrils on the fallen tree will have been ivy. Sorry to read that you had been poorly – I hope you are better. Love the photo of your dog Ollie. All the best, Elizabeth.


    1. Thanks, Olga, glad you liked them. I looked at the link, and can see the similarity. Have a great weekend, even with this awful weather! (Which you may not have, of course.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Great post. Your spiky yellow plants are gorse looking at their best at this time of year but flower all year hence the old adage that it it is kissing season when the gorse is flowering. The fallen tree is surrounded by Ivy which won’t kill the tree on its own but I believe will assist with its demise and creates a great picture. I visited Beetley recently and was impressed with the local bird life.


    1. Thanks, HSB. There are egrets, herons, owls and kingfishers, as well as the commoner birds but I have yet to get any photos. I stalked the sound of a woodpecker later this afternoon, but couldn’t for the life of me see what tree it was in! Thanks for the ivy info, I didn’t realise it could get so thick.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Oh my goodness I clicked on the pictures and wow that’s one huge bee.. what on earth has it been eating.. well I know .. but really wow what a great shot.. loved Ollie as usual just as cute as ever. Great post and continue to mend with feeling under the weather..
    Take care,
    Laura ~


    1. I had to stand in deep mud at the base of the trunk to get that photo, Lola, so I am doubly pleased that you enjoyed it. Ollie rarely likes being photographed, but he wanted to cool off.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I was surprised at those spikes and I’m pretty certain the vine that wrapped itself around the tree did cause it’s death after living off of it. BUT – the very best was Ollie, when you enlarge it, it seems you can pet him!


  5. That HUGE bee!!! And Ollie is a sweetheart. I looked at the big versions 🙂 I don’t know why but my big versions don’t work 😦 and I’m not sure how to fix it. That happened in January, last years pictures all go through to big. Don’t get it at all. :/


    1. I had that trouble. When you ‘insert into post’ from the media library, you have to make sure that the box marked ‘link to file’ is active. It’s on the right hand side, lower down. Then they enlarge. Someone told me, I couldn’t work it out either!
      Glad you liked the bee. I stalked it for a good ten minutes…Ollie sends a curly tail wag.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Well done, Pete! (By the way, it wasn’t ‘my’ nature photo challenge, but originated with Ulli, I believe and has been doing the rounds…..)


  7. I love the shot of Ollie! He looks good up to his chest in the puddle 🙂
    I think your pink flowers with the bee (looks good enlarged) is Red dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum) and the yellow spiky stuff a gorse plant. I rather like the dead tree with all those intertwining creepers. More nature please 🙂


  8. I have to admit that I searched the first photograph (enlarged) for the bee named Waldo before moving down the page to the correct picture. I enlarged it and began to scan from left to right, and up and down. Whoa, there! The bee was HUGE! Reducing the photo down to its normal size, I could see that Barry was in plain view and that he did bear a striking resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld. As for your celebrity pooch, his photo is really sharp, eh?


    1. Glad you found the bee, David. I was inordinately pleased with it (in detail) as it was my first attempt at a close-up of an insect. It has been a while since I posted some photos, so I tried to get Ollie looking at his best. (Despite the water running from his mouth…)
      Best wishes, Pete.


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