Ollie and his dreams

As any dog owner will tell you, dogs have meany endearing habits. They wag their tails, sit close by your feet, and they are always overjoyed to see you when you return home. They offer devotion and loyalty, and love with no compromises. They will defend you, entertain you, and even share their food and toys with you. Dogs would follow you into a fire, or over a cliff, and endure any hardship alongside their beloved owner.

Ollie has all of these attributes and more, but the thing that I like most about him happens when he is asleep.

Ever since we got him as a tiny pup, he has always been a dog that has dreams. When his world consisted of little more than the interior of our house, and the confines of our garden, his life experience counted in weeks rather than years, he still found things to dream about. He would doze fitfully, looking like a small wrinkled ball, legs and paws moving as if giving chase, and tiny puffs, not yet barks, coming from the side of his jowls. As he got older, his dreams became more entertaining. Whines and yelps could be heard coming from him at all hours, and if you happened to be nearby, you could delight in his horizontal running, as his legs thrashed around.

He is now over four years old, and has more to recall, things to enrich his dreaming state. He has friends to think about, other dogs of his acquaintance, that he sometimes has disagreements with. He has chased cats, pheasants, deer, rabbits, seagulls, and anything else that moved quickly across his path. His canine dreams are now full of possibilities, and accordingly, they have increased in volume, and regularity. He now woofs and barks constantly when dreaming. His jowls wobble, as his paws grab the air. If something wakes him unexpectedly, he will gaze around the room, surprised to find himself back on his favourite rug, or stretched out on his bed in the kitchen.

Sometimes at night, we hear his dreams, as he slumbers in the next room. I have been woken up by his woofs of warning as he dreams of who knows what. But I would never go in and chastise him, or risk spoiling his sleeping antics. I am just delighted that he enjoys his dreams so much.


37 thoughts on “Ollie and his dreams

  1. Ollie, Ollie, any dog stories now make me sad. We lost our Japanese spitz yesterday. It started with an ordinary cold with his nose clogged (maybe because of the hot weather here) then it rapidly morphed into severe infection. Maybe our two remaining dogs are sad too because they are not as boisterous as they used to be.


    1. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your lovely dog, Arlene. It must have been very upsetting, and I send sincere sympathy. I sometimes think of life without Ollie, and that would be very strange.
      I hope that your other dogs regain their vitality soon.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Having shared a home with Pete some years back, that description of Ollie asleep reminds me vividly of salesman Johnson snoozing on the couch at Ethronvi Road. Certainly the woofs, whines and yelps were evident, however, us housemates would definitely chastise and at times torment the hapless dreamer . .


  3. Oh, I adore those sleeping noises too. Sometimes it sounds as if Pisch is having nightmares when he yelps and I always say that I hope he’s dreaming about sugar-plum fairies! On a side note, he lost his virginity last night and his girlfriend is staying over! She’s very sweet but we’ll be taking her to the vet on Monday to see if she has a chip.


    1. Well done to Pisch! I bet he slept well after that! Ollie has yet to experience the joys of consummation. He has not yet met a bitch that he wanted that badly….
      Best wishes, Pete.


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