Tulips for Julia

At the end of our garden there is a flower bed, one of the few we have. It is made from some old railway sleepers that raise it above the lawn. When we moved here, we were unsure about what to use it for. We considered everything from herbs to tomatoes, but despite weeding it, and turning the soil, it remained bare for some time.

Then we thought about Julia.

Julia was a lovely lady, and the mutual friend that introduced me to Julie all those years ago. She worked as a nursing sister and raised her son, never asking for much from life. Happy with the company of her good friends and family, loving her cat, and enjoying sunbathing in her neat and well-kept garden. Despite suffering from a terminal illness, she was able to give Julie away at our wedding, and the next year we enjoyed her company for a few days, at a holiday house in the Cotswolds. On the evening that she passed away, Julie was at her bedside, holding her hand. Her funeral was held on a freezing cold winter’s day, with deep snow carpeting Hertfordshire.

Once we had a garden, we soon discovered that we had little idea about plants and flowers, and hadn’t though too much what to do with our newly-acquired space. But something to remember Julia was high on that list. The bulbs were purchased and planted, and we waited. Sure enough, they came up, and have returned every year since. We always think of her, and could never forget her. But the annual arrival of ‘Julia’s Tuilps’ provides us with a colourful reminder of the friend we lost.

During a sunny period this morning, I took some photos of the flowers. They are large files, and can be clicked on for detail.

I know the bed needs weeding, and the lawn needs cutting too. I just need a few dry days…

The colours are always just right. Bold from a distance, subtle up close.

For Julia Ward. Always in our hearts.

37 thoughts on “Tulips for Julia

    1. Thanks, Arlene. It is one of the few places in the garden where we have bright colour. I spent a long time cutting the grass yesterday, as we had a sunny and dry day. But today is a public holiday, so we have dull skies, and a forecast for rain.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Tulips are beautiful and a lovely way to remember a friend. I still have a hydrangea that is a cutting of a cutting that came from my dad’s garden over 30 years ago. It always reminds me of him.


  2. I feel deeply touched reading this and enjoying the images of your lovely tribute to Julia, Pete. This is a fine gesture and for me a whispering reminder to tell my beloved ones how precious they are. Like next week when I go to Norway to see family an friends. Thank you for this wonderful post.
    Greetings from The Rhine Valley,
    Dina & co


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