NEW – Greetings Cards

I have featured the great art of Jane before. Intricate designs and compelling images, all completed with the humble ballpoint pen. She has now produced a set of greetings cards, and they are very good value too, at only £2.50 each, including P&P. Four unusual cards for £10, delivered. Sounds good to me. Details of how to order them can be found on the original post.

Jane Lee McCracken, Artist

P1750105.JPG New greetings card range by Jane Lee McCracken – four designs depicting original Biro drawings.

This spring sees the launch of Jane’s new greetings card range featuring a selection of her most iconic Biro drawings to date.  Printed in the UK, these high quality 15 x 21cm cards capture the intricate detail of each poignant drawing.

Greetings Cards Photos Greetings cards range depicting ‘Russian Doll’, ‘The Sideboards II’, ‘Sweet’ and ‘Our Forefathers’.

In stock at Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s premier design store Whosit & Whatsit, Jane’s cards are now available to purchase from her online shop.

Sets of 4 cards are individually wrapped with envelopes and priced at £10 including postage and packaging per set.


To purchase cards sets please visit www.janeleemccracken/shop

P1750384 ‘The Sideboard II’ Greetings Card

For further details please contact

Logo Sweet sticker 4 - Version 2

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13 thoughts on “NEW – Greetings Cards

  1. The cards are magnificent, I especially love the last one, Sideboard Greetings . And such good value! I’ll order some as soon as I get back to Cley. Thanks for the presentation, Pete.
    Greetings to you all from Norway, Dina


    1. Thanks, Dina. I am glad you agree about the originality of these cards, and very pleased that you intend to order some. I hope that you have sunny weather in Norway? It is bright in Norfolk, at least for today…x


    1. When you enlarge the detail, David, the individual ballpoint strokes can be seen. It is amazing how she manages such intricacy with an everyday pen.
      I am biased perhaps, as I have actually purchased two of her prints, a tiger and an orangutan. Those can be viewed on her website.
      Regards, Pete.


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