Boots off, shorts on

In the space of less than a week, we have gone from 9 degrees C, to 21. The cold evenings and rainy days just disappeared without trace, and we got a true taste of summer, here in Beetley. Blue skies greeted us when we woke up, and light evenings, still warm until 9 pm, made the days seem long and pleasant. I have no idea how long it will last, but I am nonetheless grateful for the break it provided.

As a result, I have enjoyed much longer walks with Ollie. The mud has started to dry and crack, and with the exception of a few stubborn shaded areas, our trudging is no more. Three days ago, I was able to lose the heavy rubber boots, that I felt I had been wearing forever. On went the shorts, two months late, and the comfortable loafers, that don’t leave me feeling like I have spent all day working on a farm. No need for a heavy coat, or worries about whether or not to take an umbrella.

The news media is little short of ecstatic. Temperatures in the south and east of the UK have exceeded those in Barcelona, parts of Italy, and many other traditional holiday resort areas too. Weather reporters are smiling for a change. They are still careful of course, warning that higher temperatures tomorrow may set off thunderstorms, or bring heavy rain. I don’t care though. My face and head is already showing signs of a good tan, and the lift in my mood is most welcome too. Slipping into bed at night without feeling chilly, is the icing on the cake.

Of course, with the improved weather have come the flies, and the biting insects too. Caught out, I forgot to spray my repellent earlier this week, and returned with three large mosquito bites on my head as a reminder. But these minor niggles cannot overcome the good feeling of walking with Ollie in the warm and dry, and seeing him plunging into the river or duck pond, to cool off. Children on inflatables squeal in the Whitewater, families picnic over on Beetley Meadows, and the aroma of barbecues fills the air. This is just how it should be.

So, I am back, and with a weather blog. No surprise there, but it’s a happy one. For a change.


37 thoughts on “Boots off, shorts on

  1. Here in less than a week we went from heavy snow to summer-like weather. Today it’s raining and not so warm but I did manage to fit in a few nice walks…;)


    1. Constant rain here too, Olga. Still humid though, but if the forecast is anything to go by, we will have our heating on again at the weekend. Glad to hear you had a nice time in Wales, and managed those walks too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. It really has been quite sudden. I was packing away the laundry from less than a week ago and I had tights in it. Today I was wearing sandals and a summer dress and overheating!


  3. It’s nearly 6 pm, and it’s raining…. Some thunder and lightning, too! I’ve never seen so much rainfall in April/May—not in Las Vegas! These are supposed to be among the driest months of the year! It’s 64 F / 17.8 C, which is unseasonably cool, obviously. It should be more like 90 F / 32 C. But, anyway, the desert is beautiful after a good drenching, what with cactus flowers, wildflowers, blooming trees, and desert grasses. We’ll probably go for another walk tomorrow. And enjoy it.

    Also, welcome back to the blog, Pete!


  4. We have a lovely 75 degrees here in the Pacific NW or 23.889 Celsius as you would say there I guess.. 🙂 either way sunshine definitely does a body good!


    1. Even though I write the Celsius figure, (because they forecast it like that) I think in Fahrenheit, Susanne. (Double it, then add 30 as a rough guide, I am told)
      Nice to hear we are both enjoying some nice weather, a world apart!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Wonderful, isn’t it? I’ve even been out for a little potter in my garden. I had a few bean and courgette plants that were badly in need of planting out, as well as a few flowering plants that I couldn’t resist when I paid a visit to the local nursery yesterday.

    I’m told that rain will be coming into this part of the world again on Monday, so you might want to keep the boots by the door a little while longer…


  6. …here we are in sunny, south FL in May – and it’s chilly!! My gardinas are in full swing with the blooms – when normally it is too hot for them to open by the end of March.(any buds just drop off) Weird, odd and undeniably strange weather in my part of the world!! Saves money and wear ‘n’ tear on the air conditioner too. Glad you’re comfortable up in the UK.
    Enjoy your weekend and Happy V-E Day tomorrow.

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