Learning to live with it

Not long after I posted about the sudden departure of the vertigo that I had been suffering from, (Verti-gone) it has decided to return to its home, somewhere inside my head. After a few short weeks of normality, I turned over in bed a couple of nights ago at 3 am, and was woken by the familiar panic, and feeling of disorientation.

At least this time, I knew what it was. I lay there until it passed, then settled back to sleep, wondering if it was a dream, and would it still be there when I woke up. It wasn’t a dream.

I gingerly tested it the next day, and sure enough, I was right. The same feeling of being upside down, the fear of falling forward; it had all the hallmarks of the previous episode. It looks like I am back to having to stay sat up in the bath, being careful about how I turn over, and not moving too quickly. On the plus side, at least I know what it is, and can anticipate the movements that bring it on. As long as I remember to be careful, it should be manageable.

It is remarkable how familiarity with a condition makes you less affected by it. The last time it was around, I didn’t drive, and barely managed to lean forward, or perform simple tasks, without immediately feeling dizzy or that I was going to fall. Vertigo and I have become reluctant partners. I have the measure of it perhaps, but it has re-established occupancy without agreement.

I have put the fear away, and my apprenticeship has been served.

I am learning to live with it.

39 thoughts on “Learning to live with it

    1. It’s just normal vertigo, Jimmy. Crystals in the ears that form, then dissipate. Sometimes they come back. Just my luck. Still, it;s not as bad as the first time.
      Cheers, Pete.


    1. Thanks very much for your comment, Reeanna. I have been blogging for less than four years, but the friends and companions who follow my blog, and comment too, are a constant support. They are one of the reasons that I carry on enjoying the whole process. I am indeed privileged, to be part of their community.
      Very best wishes from Beetley. Pete.

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  1. Really sorry to hear that Vertigo has raised its ugly head again in your life! On Feb. 24th, you wrote, “I can only hope that this starts to get better soon, and the medication begins to stabilise these sensations.” You’d been to the doctor on the 22nd. So my question, Pete, is this: Are you taking the medication again? And did it help the first time around, or did the vertigo stop on its own? I was going to make a joke about nipping it in the earbud, but this is a serious matter, so…


    1. The medication was only to combat the nausea, David. That worked well enough, and I don’t really need it this time. If the vertigo persists, I may well try the head manipulation instead.
      Thanks for your concern, which is always appreciated.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I hope you are feeling okay now Pete. I experienced that before and I got so scared because I was alone in the house that time and everything was spinning, out of focus.


      1. Try doing handstands? Or go to Australia – that should sort you out 😉
        Seriously I do hope it is temporary, or fixable, it is quite disconcerting to find the floor at a funny angle all the time, not to mention the possibility of falling over and doing yourself an injury.


  3. I wish there were a fix-it pill, but you are a trooper and with your medical background and connections, I hope you’ll discover methods for coping so it doesn’t consume your life.


  4. Sorry to hear that Pete. I was reminded of the film Perfect Sense when you say that you have learned to live with it. I hope it’s just another temporary spell and not a permanent fixture. All the best…I would say chin up, but that would probably send you over the top 🙂


  5. You’re old school stalwart aren’t you Pete? It is a shame vertigo has reared its ugly head again but I believe with such a great attitude you are correct-you have its measure. Best wishes for you, Lloyd.


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