Beetley flora (and some unseen fauna)

I haven’t been around the blog much for the last few days, as we had a very welcome visitor, one of my oldest and dearest friends. When she left for home today, I set out with Ollie for his walk, and took the camera along. The weather hasn’t been that great since last week’s mini-summer, but at least it wasn’t raining. As usual, the photos are large files, and can be clicked on for detail. They do look much better when enlarged.

One of the rare plants to be found at Hoe Rough is the green-winged orchid.(Anacamptis Morio) They are in flower in one small area, and I managed to get a passable photo of one this afternoon. I didn’t use the macro facility, just zoomed in. Thinking about it, macro might have been a lot better.

We don’t have a huge amount of bluebells around here, but this small patch was growing in the shade close to some trees, and caught my eye.

These grassy mounds are actually the nests of yellow meadow ants. I usually sit on the large one to have a rest, and Ollie used a small one to look across to the pond, to see if there were any ducks in residence. Despite the presence of many of these nests, I have never actually seen a single ant, hence the ‘unseen fauna’. But you can bet they were there underneath me, bustling around in their thousands.

I hope you enjoyed this look at more of the natural world (and Ollie) around Beetley.

34 thoughts on “Beetley flora (and some unseen fauna)

  1. Sitting on the mound is surely a recipe for ants in the pants? We have similar wood ant piles dotted around and if I so much as walk by disturbing the ground around then the earth becomes a mass of bodies looking for the threat. Lovely orchid.


        1. Those midges got me in Braemar one time. I couldn’t even count the number of bites on my legs, head, and neck. I had a miserable couple of days after that.
          Just been on that mound again, and didn’t see an ant!
          Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Nice shots of green-winged orchids and bluebells. I enlarged them for an even better view. As for making ants give in to your wish to see and photograph them, you have to squish the mounds with the heels of your boots until they cry uncle. Over here, in the States, ant voices are often reminiscent of those of Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Sly Stallone, and Gene Hackman, among others.


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