Some more flora in Beetley

I have had the debate before. When is a flower a weed? Why are some attractive plants and flowers disregarded, when so much effort is put into the cultivation of others? The general feeling is that a weed is just a flower or plant in the wrong place. As in a place where you don’t want it to grow.

These small blue flowers are to be found everywhere around here. They grow wild in the meadow, along pathways, and in abundance over on Hoe Rough. I asked a local person what they were, and I was told that they are weeds. Someone out there might know the name of this plant, but I have no idea. To me, these delicate blue flowers are just as attractive as most of those sold at the local garden centre.
The photo can be clicked on, and enlarged for detail.



24 thoughts on “Some more flora in Beetley

  1. The plants that get to stay in my garden are those that can live with slugs and snails and that I consider pretty, regardless of whether they are considered weeds or not. If pollinators (such as bees and hoverflies) like them, they are even more welcome. Green Alkanet is not one I’m familiar with, though, Pete. Nice to have learnt something πŸ™‚


      1. Okay, got it.. I looked it up and it is considered a ‘noxious weed’ in Washington state . not a very kind description.. but still lovely when encountering on a walk in the countryside..


          1. Sorry, yes, it seems way too harsh for such a pretty plant… it’s on a “monitor” list in Washington state.. maybe only because it’s not native here and tends to be invasive…


  2. You are quite right, Pete. We have periwinkles here in FL that grow in empty lots (if you can find an empty lot these days), but they are sold online by nurseries for other parts of the country. It just grows wild in the wrong place.

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  3. Green alkanet by the look of the hairy leaves and stem – they are taller than forget-me-nots which tend to have yellow eyes. They are considered to be invasive so that’s why they are weeds. But so are forget-me-nots of which I have dozens in my new garden, but I love the colour! Seems easier to grow ‘native’ plants, they don’t require so much mollycoddling πŸ™‚


      1. Forget-me-nots are considered weeds, apparently. Aren’t weeds generally considered invasive and stubborn, while flowers seem to require nurturing? By the way, I found out that bluebells can also be considered weeds, if they’re unwanted.


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