Glum and Glummer

(Checking through my blog, I see that I published an almost identical post around the same time in 2015. Perhaps I should have expected this.)

Tomorrow is the first of June. Flaming June, herald of the long summer to come. Lazy days spent in the garden, or exploring the countryside. Long evenings of warmth and relaxation in the open air.

Well, maybe somewhere. But not here.

Our version of this idyllic scene is to be experiencing some of the worst weather we have seen this year. Woken up in the early hours by gale-force winds driving torrential rain against the house, it took a very long time to get back to sleep. Twigs and small branches clattered to the ground, unlocked gates were slamming in nearby houses, and the constant howl of the wind sounded like something from a Norse legend.

As a consequence, I slept late. After emerging into the gloom that is passing for daylight, I was dismayed to discover a leak in the kitchen roof, dripping a small amount of water onto the floor. This is coming from where the extended section meets the main wall of the house. It was all redone not that long ago, so hopefully the guarantee will still be in effect. That won’t cover the inconvenience though, not to mention the plummeting of my mood at the same time.

I need to get up there and inspect the damage, before I contact the roofing company. Trouble is, I am reluctant to do so in the continuing high winds and heavy rain, especially adding vertigo into the mix. I will have to hope for a let-up in the weather later today, before attempting that.

After a couple of re-posts, followed by three fiction pieces, I am once again back to reporting the weather. What a joyful life I lead. I have already had enough of 2016. I would like to fast-forward to 2017 immediately, and see what that has to offer.


42 thoughts on “Glum and Glummer

  1. I missed some of your earlier post. Finally, gardening is done, just a bit more of finishing touches for my blooming rain lilies. I am surprised, I have new colors now. Sorry to hear about the leaking roof.


    1. It was only a small leak, Arlene, and it has stopped now. We will have to get it fixed, but it could have been worse. Pleased to hear that you have been enjoying your garden.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We had a few spots of rain yesterday evening, which necessitated another slug/snail patrol. And a few more this morning. However, to be honest, I have been glad not to have to water the vegetable garden – again! As Jude says, the West Country has been gloriously sunny this past few days. Most enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚ Not trying to wind you up or anything, of course. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜€ (Mwa ha ha ha ha ha).


    1. It is most definitely ‘our turn’ in the east this time, Ros. More torrential rain again this morning, and it has only just stopped. Everything is damp and dull. More like February than June.
      Hope you keep that sun.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Not sure I should mention that down in the west country it is very sunny, though also very windy today. Seems like we keep swapping the weather still Pete ๐Ÿ™‚ And I hope you find your leak. Ours still remains a mystery…


  4. Although I’m not having a very good time here in Barcelona, at least the weather is good. I had a similar problem with the roof recently. It didn’t leak before they fixed it… After the second fix it seems OK…


  5. We are finally getting some rain here. We needed it when it started, but if it stopped soon – I don’t think anyone would complain. We go from one extreme to another – but thank goodness, not as much as the rest of the country!!!


    1. You can have some of ours if you need it, GP. A whole month’s worth, in one night. Enough is enough. I am seriously tired of this weather now, and getting quite depressed, to be honest.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. We had some rain in April and May, but it looks like Southern Nevada is going to be its usual parched desert self in June. Today, it’s not bad as far as temperatures go: 98 F / 37 C. Typically, the “big heat” hits us June 10-15, but we’re expecting it to be June 5th this year, with highs forecast to be around 111 F / 44 C. We have a leak in our living room, but I guess we don’t need to repair it anytime soon….


    1. Thanks for cheering me up, David. It is 11 degrees C here, and resembles winter, in every way imaginable. Despite that, I think that 44 would be far too hot for me.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  7. I felt wrong “liking” that but excellent post as ever dear Pete.

    It’s rubbish isn’t it, 1st June tomorrow! Joke. I said to my friend Kim from By Hook or By Book that this is the Great British Summer – said with no irony.

    Let’s hope it cheers up anyway. Does Ollie like the water? I’m assuming that yes, he does very much lol.

    Couldn’t someone else just check the roof for you? You shouldn’t be going up there with the vertigo!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ or get the roofing company to do i, that’s what they’re there for.

    You take care Pete. And no roof climbing!!! xxx


    1. I really enjoyed the 2016 summer. All two days of it.

      Ollie loves the water, but he doesn’t swim much, just walks about in the river, or chases ducks. He couldn’t care less about the weather, and would stay out all day.

      I have just been and cleared the gutters, and checked the place where the leak came in. It’s only a bungalow, so it’s not too high, and at least it has stopped raining. (For now)

      Left a message for the roofers to contact me. Let’s hope that they are still trading! XXX


  8. Leaks are frustrating for so many reasons, good luck with your coverage…as for weather, Napa valley California will flirt with 100 very dry degrees this week…while the California drought was helped by winter rains, we could use your water…time for us to get that water pipeline built!


    1. You are welcome to as much of the Beetley water as you can handle, John. The ground here is awash, and the small river is overflowing its banks once again. It’s like living on the set of ‘Blade Runner’!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. It’s not the time, but the space. You should have moved to Normandy, not Norfolk!
    And here I am praying for rain so I don’t have to dust off the watering can.
    But stay off the roof Pete, I’d rather read another post of yours composed in your office, not the ward.


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