The wrong day

We have all done it at some time or another, I am sure.

You are going about your business, convinced that it is Tuesday, and at some point in the day, you realise that it is actually Wednesday. Somewhere, you have misplaced a day.

Public Holidays don’t help. They are almost always on a Monday, and make that day feel like a Sunday. When Tuesday comes along, it feels like it should be Monday, and the whole week slips out of gear.

Being retired from work makes it even harder to keep track of the days, as they are much the same when you are not working. Having to go to work makes you mark the days; anticipating weekends off, holidays to come, and noting appointments or meetings.

I mark my own week by going supermarket shopping on a Monday. Sad as this may seem dear readers, it is my ‘big day out’ most weeks, and I actually look forward to it. This week, Julie was off, so she did the shopping instead. That set in motion a whirl of confusion in my brain, and it refused to go away.

On Thursday, I was convinced it was Friday. I checked the wrong page in the TV guide when setting the PVR, and discussed with Julie that her weekend off would soon be here. She realised my confusion, and corrected me. It was Thursday, not Friday. I checked, and she was right of course. Despite this knowledge, the confusion persisted. Walking with Ollie, I repeated that it was Friday to two fellow dog-walkers. Both corrected me, and suggested that the Bank Holiday on Monday had led to my error.

On Friday, I got up convinced that it was Saturday, and the same silly saga repeated itself.

At least I know that it is Sunday today. The situation has stabilised. My perception of the days of the week has once again returned to normal.

I’m still missing a day somewhere though…

32 thoughts on “The wrong day

  1. Howdy there my friend across the pond… I too suffer from lost days, but when I do remember just what day of the week I’m in I feel I’ve gained an extra day in the process.. grinning from ear to ear and that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.. Take care, Laura


  2. I have to say I enjoy not knowing what day it is! Although Sunday is normally marked by a trip to a flea market, maybe a bit of shopping.
    Mind you reading back, didn’t you gain a day, not lose one?


    1. On Thursday, I was convinced it was Friday. So I lost Thursday, by going from Wednesday, straight to Friday…
      Enjoy your market on Sunday, Eduardo. Love to all in Poland.


  3. Keeping the days straight in retirement is something you will learn to do. It just takes a bit of time. You are too new to retirement to be able to get the hang of it. I retired in the 20th Century. I expect to be able to keep track of the day of the week any year now.


      1. Weeding! I had forgotten about the weeding. Using containers there is very little weeding to do, now I seem to spend an hour each day walking around the garden and pulling out weeds – that is those I actually recognise as weeds! There are some suspicious characters lurking, but I am waiting to see them flower before I decide whether they can stay or need to go!


  4. Now that I am off for the summer from teaching (I still have 2 summer jobs), I find the days are a blur. Holiday weekend? Wednesday night or Saturday? It’s all the same after awhile. It reminds me to when I was a stay at home mother. It’s a challenge to stay stimulated and sink into depression from boredom. That’s me, though.


  5. I’ve always suffered this sort of confusion partly because Bank Holidays never seem to register – actors are so often working on these days. I was convinced Friday was Saturday so today feels exactly like Monday. Hey ho!


  6. Hahaha, the confusion of someone so used to not going out every working day. I enjoy supermarket shopping too, reading labels, comparing brands, looking for new products etc. We are definitely growing older Pete 🙂


  7. So true, so true…. I’ve been retired 6 years and now know that “road trip” means a doctor appointment, otherwise (like yourself) my week is marked by shopping Friday. Whoa – this sounds pretty sad, doesn’t it?


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