Some summertime photos


After all the moaning about bad weather recently, we have been blessed with a few sunny days. Over at Hoe Rough, a private garden runs the length of the eastern side. This contains a large woodland area, and is an attractive addition to what is otherwise a fairly normal dwelling. The lucky owner has literally dozens of mature Rhododendron bushes on his property, and these were the closest to his fence. I love the colour of this variety.


The same person is obviously preparing for the coming winter. I spotted this sunlit wood-pile weathering at the back of his land.


Along the riverbank, these plants can be seen in abundance. Like many others, they are probably considered to be weeds, but I like them anyway.


It was nice to be able to get out the camera again, after all the dull conditions of late. As usual, they are all large files, and can be clicked on for detail. They look better that way.

32 thoughts on “Some summertime photos

  1. Those are beautiful photos, Pete! Here in Las Vegas, we have an abundance of full-sized and dwarf oleanders: red, pink, white. They’re popular in yards, but also along roadways and perimeter walls of gated communities. Beautiful to look at, but, of course, you don’t want to chew on the leaves!


    1. That reminds me of Hoagy Carmichael singing, “Memphis in June, sweet oleander…”
      I didn’t know about the poisonous leaves, so I looked it up.
      Glad you liked the photos.
      Regards, Pete.


  2. Beauty = Rhododendron… what lovely pictures you’ve shared with us. I too adore the weeds that flower around my yard and this year I’ve developed a new love for the dandelions growing in mass next door to me… knowing full and well when they pop I’ll have many new weeds in my yard…I must go to the nursery and pick up a Rhododendron for my yard.. Thank you for your lovely pictures and something beautiful I can add to my backyard haven of hope..

    Take care, Laura


  3. Some really nice pics there. Flowers can be quite hard to photograph, I’ve discovered. Especially white ones. The sun tends to reflect off them so that you lose the detail. But those rhododendrons have come out really well. Black dogs can also be difficult. I guess it’s the opposite kind of problem.


    1. Thanks, Ros. As it was so bright, I should have done something with the exposure on the white flower and the logs too. They were some way off, so shot at maximum zoom on my camera, 110 mm. I was much closer to the rhododendrons, so able to get better metering, I believe.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I was out for over three hours walking yesterday. Great to be out in the sun, but the Hay Fever season is bad this year. Woke up to grey skies today, with the promise of sun later. Still warm though!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Lovely pictures… the Rhododendrons are beautiful… they are the state flower here and plentiful so I almost tend to overlook them or take them for granted.. you captured them well…


    1. Thanks, Susanne. It must be lovely to have so many that you can overlook them. They are one of my favourites. (Along with Magnolias, Camellias, and Bougainvillea)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Hey – cut it out! I know exactly where you sent all your bad weather – and YES – it’s right here!
    But what the heck, at least you get to take Ollie out in the sunshine for a change.
    If you like a flower – it isn’t a weed. A weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place! Enjoy!


  6. Nice! I remember in Dorset County, I spent 3 weeks there. I arrived in June and it rained and rained and the weather was tempermental. Then, July was amazing–those flowers of yours, so lovely the flower gardens. Your pictures reminded me of them. Look how lush and green everything is!


  7. I’m sheltering from a passing storm at the moment so I was pleased to see your post. I have a thing for Rhododendrons, but I keep forgetting to plant some, so thank you for the reminder for next year! Not sure what your weed is, but it reminded me of flowering horse radish plants. Happy to hear you are getting some sun at last.


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