Significant Songs (119)

I Try

In 1999, I heard a really soulful record on the car radio. It was sung by a woman, obviously American, with a husky voice that caught my attention immediately. As so often happens, I didn’t catch the name of the singer, or the title of the record. I had to wait over a week to hear it again, and that time I got the details. It was called ‘I Try’, by a woman named as Macy Gray.

It soon became a top ten hit in the UK, although it wasn’t released in the USA until the year after. I bought the CD of the album it came from, ‘On How Life Is.’ Despite some other good tracks, none really measured up to the power of that single release, or how I felt when I first heard it. This song won a Grammy award in 2001, and Gray went on to release six more albums, as well as appearing in quite a few films too.

She is still working today, having released her latest recordings in 2014. ‘I Try’ remains her biggest hit to date though, and the song that she is best known for.

Here is the official video.


15 thoughts on “Significant Songs (119)

    1. She does lose it a bit at the end, but I like to put it down to ’emotion.’
      One of those I always enjoy cropping up on the radio, or film soundtrack.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean about those sparkly, new uniforms! All the first year kids look so geeky bless them 🙂

        I was in Year 8 of secondary school in 1999 – 13 years old!

        13 is just the age I started to become – as my dad would say – an arsehole.



  1. I love this song, which my wife and I call a “secret christmas tune.” At 3:10 into the song, she wails what sounds like “Santa Claus, the lord kisses us” – she has a small role in the Lee Daniels’ film “The Paperboy” with Matthew McCanaughy and Nicole Kidman


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