Two Blogs: Refreshingly different

As some of you may know, I write two blogs. This one is familiar to most readers, with my ramblings about the weather, walking my dog Ollie, and discovering things about living in a semi-rural environment. I sometimes add photos too these days, just simple things, devoid of Photoshop alteration, or any artistic leanings. I like to write about music and films as well, and there is rarely a day when I don’t post something or other, about something or other. I have a great group of followers, and even some who comment regularly. Many people read every post that I publish, and to them I say, ‘Thanks.’

The other blog is completely different. It is political in nature, and often deliberately controversial or argumentative. It is blatantly biased, and offers no apology for that. Sometimes, it is also not that serious, if you manage to successfully read between the lines. On occasion, it could fairly be described as ranting, allowing a part of me to surface from within, and unleash a monster that is usually hidden from public view. In many respects, it is a voice from my past, the last vestige of a revolutionary spirit that once burned in me.

Balancing the two blogs is a lot simpler than you might imagine. In fact, the second blog has so few followers, that it is rarely read past a few persons who peruse each post as it is published. If you ever look at it, you might well understand why. It serves a purpose that didn’t occur to me when I started it. It makes me unconcerned about posting, oblivious to stats, and offers some freedom of expression that would be unsuitable on this main blog.

The figures speak for themselves.

147 people are listed as followers of the other blog.
I have only published 61 posts on it since April, 2013.
It has had less that 2,300 views in all that time.
There have been just over 200 comments on all posts, half of which are my replies.
During the whole of May, it did not get a single viewing for 14 days of that month.

Compare that to this blog.

794 people are listed as followers.
962 posts have been published, since the summer of 2012.
Almost 55,000 people have viewed this blog. ( Or a few people, on numerous occasions)
Comments are up to almost 13,000. Again, I suspect that half of these are my replies.
Since the first post was published, I have never gone a day without a viewing.

My ‘poor relative’ keeps me grounded. It doesn’t compel me to post, in the same way as this main blog seems to. I rarely check the stats for it, and only ever post anything when I feel angry or incensed enough to do so. It requires neither photos nor images to accompany the articles, and as they are usually so opinionated anyway, comments are almost superfluous. This main blog keeps my mind active, generates my desire to write fiction, publish film reviews, and to engage in debate and communication with others on a regular basis.

In my small part of the blogging world, they both occupy their rightful place.

If you have never seen the other blog, or you are now intrigued to see what I am on about, here’s a link.
Don’t feel obliged to look at it though, as it won’t concern me either way.

But if you do, you have been warned…


18 thoughts on “Two Blogs: Refreshingly different

      1. Pete, just reading about the shooting.. and noticed your message… I think two completely different blogs is a great idea.. I too have wanted to post a rant or two, but was stopped by my own self due to not right for bluebird4U.. On with my reading assignments … oh I love this blog too.. shoot from the hip my grandpa use to say(retired police officer too he was…)



  1. That’s pretty cool Pete! I had to giggle at – “often deliberately controversial or argumentative” πŸ™‚

    I’m going to check it out now, great stats btw!!! xxx


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