Life under water

It started to rain at 3 pm yesterday. Heavy rain, warm summer rain, relentless rain.
It continued all night, getting heavier after dark. I thought I would go crazy, listening to the drumming on the roof, and the lashing against the windows. When we went to bed, we put the fan on and closed the windows, so we wouldn’t hear the downpours. It stopped at around 6 this morning, fifteen hours of constant, unrelenting rain.

I got up to a grey but dry day. Heavy dark clouds promised the chance of more rain later though.
The washing hadn’t dried on the airer, and the bathroom towels were still damp. The air felt heavy, and it seemed harder than usual to breathe, not helped by congestion from a heavy cold. The grey became charcoal, and I decided to get out earlier with Ollie, to hopefully avoid the worst.

But it would not be avoided. It had seen me emerging from the side gate, and it was soon tipping down once more. As it was still too humid to wear waterproof clothes, I took a substantial umbrella, and braved it anyway. Dogs have to go out, after all. Within minutes, we were both pretty wet. Ollie’s fur was soaked, and despite the umbrella, my shorts and the sleeves of my top were soon heavy with water. I headed off to Hoe Rough. The mud had been rejuvenated, so I was slipping around in my Croc sandals. The vegetation appeared to have doubled in size overnight. Nettles stood over six feet tall, and the long grasses were up to my thighs. Very soon, my legs and feet were wet through, and my shorts turned from blue to black by the water in them.

As I wandered around, trying in vain to think of something positive, I reflected on my watery existence. Two days of sun, followed by weeks of rain. Repeat.

I had a sudden revelation. For centuries, archaeologists have been trying to discover the origins of the legendary island of Atlantis. That fabled underwater kingdom, that has been claimed to have been found on many occasions. Was it home to an aquatic race, or just a coastal city that had fallen into the sea? Many theories exist, and many have also been debunked. Perhaps it was a ‘lost continent’, swallowed up by the movement of the Earth? Most conclude that we will probably never know.

Well, I am here to clarify all that. It is neither a lost continent, nor a city under the sea. Atlantis is alive and well, its inhabitants spending their lives under a constant deluge of water. They have learned how to breathe in it, and to a large extent, go about their normal lives too. All the scholars just got the name wrong.

It is called Beetley.


22 thoughts on “Life under water

  1. I suppose you having to put up with so much rain is similar to me having 6 months of winter, except mine can be a lot colder… So, when you’re down and soaking wet, chilled to the bone, with no sun in sight, just remember the frozen north of Canada and just know we survive the best that we can .. and someone out there always has it worse than I … I do feel for you both over there as the constant raining on rooftops would drive me nuts.. at least for the most part our snow is silent, unless it’s a blizzard out there and the winds feel like the house is moving… Hang in there my friend across the pond… Tomorrow is yet another day for it to hopefully be a tad sunny…. 🙂



  2. Dennis Hopper suggests that you may be living in Waterworld rather than Atlantis. Kevin Costner is too busy hitting on Jeanne Tripplehorn to offer an opinion, but I think he’d agree. Have any Jet Skis or Sea-Doos zipped by the house this morning?


  3. A friend of mine made some comment about raining weather in the UK and I told her I always assume that’s the default. Sometimes it doesn’t rain, but that’s always a surprise.


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