One decent summer

Is that a lot to ask?

I will be 65 next year. All being well, I may live for another ten years, possibly fifteen.

I have always worked hard, and in jobs that helped people too. I have never asked for anything.

Now I am asking

I am not religious, but I do have a strange belief in fate.

I would like to have one last decent summer.

The sort of summer where you feel warm grass under your feet.

When you can sit outside in the evening, enjoying a drink and watching the sunset.

One where you wake up to sunshine, and end the day in the same way.

Days when you think of somewhere nice to go, and manage to enjoy the trip.

An evening spent watching the bats fly, and listening to the late calls of birds.

Instead of a nonexistent summer, characterised by rain and gloom.

Where the lights are on at 11 am, and stay on until bedtime.

A time of wet, damp, house-arrest, and depression.

Eyes swollen from hay fever, legs raging with itchy rashes.

No inclination to explore, to venture forth, discover something new.

Sodden clothes, umbrellas drying, and the sound of rain on the roof.

One decent summer. That’s all I ask.


48 thoughts on “One decent summer

  1. I know how you feel, Pete. Birmingham looks like Venice (albeit with a lot more concrete, underpasses and imagination needed) after the recent downpours…hope it brightens for you soon..


  2. I think the trick to surviving it is .. not to want it too much… LOL….and poof there is your long awaited good summer days ,…One can only hope that to be true… Both fingers are crossed, eyes squinted sending to you all of this dry, hot weather we’re having right now.. for a few days anyway then we are back to humid, rain too… hang in there ….



      1. It’s going to be over 90 F here with humidity, which will feel more like 100F, they are giving out heat advisory warnings for folks to stay inside, or take shade and drink lots of water…..


  3. I might miss a pint down the pub every now and again, a good brew and Coleman’s mustard, but I do not miss the weather. Heading into the mid 20’s today (76f) after a drop of rain yesterday, not an insect in sight or flight (although I admit we will get them soon).
    It’s just a shame the UK didn’t get some of the weather from the EU, it may be a reason to vote stay 🙂


    1. I wonder so many of the migrants are heading here. Once they experience our weather they will be sorry they came! (If you want me to send some mustard, let me know by email.)
      Regards, Pete.


  4. I so agree with you. Grey skies make me depressed as well. Sun with the occasional shower to water the greenery is perfect weather- it’s really too bad God could not have arranged such a simple thing.


    1. I can understand the lure of that dry country, David. I have to be honest though, and admit that if I was writing a blog called ‘MojavePete’, I would almost certainly be complaining about every day being too hot!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I like spring rain, sometimes would ask for rain in summer to save hauling buckets to far off gardens which hoses couldn’t reach. . . I liked your nostalgic summer memories and hope you have MORE than one fine perfect summer! 🙂 Robin


  6. If you live here, you’ll have those endless summer mornings and sunset viewing. Everything is sunny from October to June. The rainy season has started now but the sun still shines brightly most days.


  7. It’s coming. And when the sun comes back all will be forgiven.. Here our summers typically start after the 4th of July (have you heard of that holiday?) and last well into September and October…this year we already hit the 90’s in June (too hot for most of us here) and today is windy and cold with heavy bursts of rain… doesn’t it make life interesting?


    1. I know about the 4th of July, Susanne. That’s when a lot of English people living in a colony declared independence from an English king (who was German) because they were paying taxes, without being represented in parliament. (In a nutshell)
      90 degrees might be a bit much, but some sort of summer would be nice…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Very well said. You got much more in that nutshell than I would have 🙂 and I wish you the very best summer which according to my calendar is supposed to start next Monday the 20th! let the sunshine begin!


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