The Summer Solstice, and a Strawberry Moon.

Today is the 20th of June. Here in the UK, this date marks the summer solstice for 2016. The longest day of the year, with sunset not arriving until 10.34 pm. According to the press, there will also be a very large full moon, marking the beginning of the strawberry picking season here, hence the name. This only occurs only once every seventy years. Starting tomorrow, the evenings will begin to get shorter once again. Celebrations of this solstice will be held at various places around the country, including the famous pagan festival at Stonehenge, where Druids gather to welcome the event.

None of this matters a jot to me. It was dark when I woke up, and pouring with rain. It is still dark as I type this, and the rain continues. There has been no summer, so the solstice is redundant. It should be in the queue at the job centre, looking for somewhere else to impress with its natural splendour. As for the once-in-a-lifetime strawberry moon, I am underwhelmed. With clouds seemingly as low as the rooftops, we are not likely to see any moon tonight, strawberry or otherwise.

Just as well we don’t have Druids in Beetley.

26 thoughts on “The Summer Solstice, and a Strawberry Moon.

  1. Yesterday and today, 114 F (45.5 C). I was out watering the plants last night, and enjoyed the strawberry moon in all its splendor. I’m glad the summer solstice queued up at the Nevada Job Centre.


  2. The weather seems to be our main topic of conversation! And that’s because it’s so damned trippy! Went out in my winter coat but by midday it was 24 degrees C and I was shedding outer wear in my car. It’s nice to have a bit of sun but from 16-24 in the space of 4 hrs does me in, I need to acclimatise after all the rain and cold! Anyway of course now it’s cloudy again so I won’t see the moon either! :/


    1. The weather consumes me, I confess. Like you, I went out with Ollie in heavy rain. I was dressed in a coat, trousers, and wellington boots. One hour later, and it was incredibly humid and uncomfortable, and I had to return home early, to shed clothes, and fight off a headache. One thing or the other. That would be acceptable.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I think you’re feeling about as cheerful as me today Pete.

    Loved this sentence – “It should be in the queue at the job centre, looking for somewhere else to impress with its natural splendour.” – how perfect πŸ™‚

    Totally agree though, underwhelmed is the word. It’s hard to imagine our evenings are going to start getting shorter again ALREADY. It’ll be Christmas before we know it…(someone had to say it!)

    Fingers crossed we see some moon πŸ™‚


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  4. Oh my Pete, it appears all of my well wishes for your summer to arrive sooner than later has failed. I will work on it from here with gusto to rid you of all that rain and low hanging clouds atop your roof…

    Take care, Laura ~


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