The Moon: An apology

Yesterday saw me post one of my usual rants about the weather. A summer’s day blighted by rain and dark skies. The Summer Solstice ruined by torrents of water, and low cloud. It was also the night of the much-lauded Strawberry Moon; the larger than usual moon that heralds the beginning of the strawberry-picking season. I was unimpressed by the prospect of this moon. After all, how were we going to see it, through a curtain of murky clouds?

The Moon must have been reading my blog. Just after 9 pm, the skies over Beetley cleared. With an hour or more still to go to sunset, The Moon became visible. Low in the sky, easily seen from inside our living room, it seemed to grow larger as we watched. I knew that I had to eat my words. After twenty minutes or so, the huge glow shone an unusual custard-yellow, as it made its way across the sky. I have seen the once-in-a-lifetime Strawberry Moon, and I apologise unreservedly.

As I drove Julie to Norwich Station very early this morning, we noticed that the local Pick-Your-Own fruit farm at Dillington finally had their sign out. It shows a large strawberry, with an arrow pointing directions. Looks like this once-in-seventy-years moon got it right after all.


29 thoughts on “The Moon: An apology

  1. I’m so pleased the skies parted with all those dark clouds and it cleared up for you to witness a thing of beauty… You see all of your friends here sent well wished thoughts your way and it worked…

    Take care, Laura


    1. It was mentioned on my post yesterday, Sarah. I saw it written up online, but never expected to get to actually see it for myself. Just like a big Moon really, but a deep yellow colour.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m glad Luna made you eat your words. How great those big moons! Ours was red! They say it was a total eclipse of the moon where the sun gets’s in the way causing it to turn red. I don’t recall seeing a red moon before high in the sky. The big yellow ones that sit on the horizon and rise slowly, we call harvest moons–they usually come out in the fall, appropriately. Since your skies are far away from mine, your constellations and lunar happenings are placed in different spots in the sky than mine. I don’t know too much about its scientific names or explanations, but the moon is lovely to behold.
    Strawberry season! Yum.

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    1. Now that strawberries are sold all year round, the season is less exciting that it once was. However, the new English strawberries still taste like they should, so are worth waiting for.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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