Storms over Beetley

I like to think that it coincides with the momentous vote today, that a powerful storm has arrived, just as we returned from having cast our votes at the Village Hall. We hurried into the house as the skies darkened, and soon it was like night outside. Thunderclaps and lightning flashes accompanied the increasing rain, illuminating the living room. The thunder rumbles overhead as I type, perhaps warning of an EU departure, or signalling the uncertain future that will follow a possible exit. Who knows?

If we lived in the time of the Vikings, we would be consulting soothsayers, eager to hear their predictions and interpretations of this storm. But we have the BBC news to tell us why it is stormy instead. And later tonight, we will have Dimbleby, Paxman, and many other pundits, all keen to tell us their own conclusions.

And they are unlikely to mention the storm.


31 thoughts on “Storms over Beetley

        1. I think that we will have to invent a new season, Jude. As there is no summer anymore, perhaps we could go from spring to autumn, with a new season in between. How about we call it Sprautumn?
          Best wishes, Pete. x

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          1. I think we shall end up with just one season – wet, mild, grey – eventually our island will be just a lot of little islands (like in Scotland) and everyone will own a boat. 😀


  1. a momentous day in your country’s politics, Pete! i’m reading both sides but i’m very much looking forward to your thoughts. they say there’s always calm after the storm so this very well might be a good omen. 🙂


  2. I got caught as I left the polling station last night and despite wearing a rain coat was absolutely SOAKED when I got home. Like I’d be laying in the bath haha xxx


  3. I am so jealous, can’t remember the last time we got thunder and lightning :/

    I am glad the damn vote is ending, I am so peed off with the old Toryites who forced this referendum on us. No doubt we will now have weeks of post-ref analysis and predictions, and recriminations etc,etc,etc. It’s bliddy worse than football!


    1. You wouldn’t have wanted this storm tonight, believe me. Many parts of Dereham are seriously flooded. People are staying in community centres, some roads are impassable, and firemen are out rescuing people with inflatable boats. Roofs have collapsed, and some have outbuildings and garages full of water. And it is still raining.

      I am not a sports fan, so dread the Euro football, The Olympics, and Wimbledon. I quite liked the referendum debates, as a refreshing alternative. Even though I voted to leave, I am pleased that both sides were reinvigorated by the process.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I think that the animosity has mostly been driven by the media. I haven’t found much bitterness talking locally. Of course there was the murder of the MP and other threats, but those people are crazy anyway, and need little excuse.
      I think the weather in the south-east may well stop some going out to vote, which will be a shame.
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. I have found that disagreement over issues rarely affects true friendship. Good luck to your side, though with the bookies giving them odds of 1-3 on, they probably don’t need it! x


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