Storms: The aftermath

The storms last night finally blew over at midnight. Local social media was rife with tales of the effects of the intense rainfall. Our local town, Dereham, was hit very hard. The housing estate at Toftwood experienced extensive flooding, with some residents evacuated into community centres. Others had to be evacuated by rescuers using boats, and many homes were badly damaged by water.

In the village of Yaxham, roads were impassable, and even Norfolk’s major roads, the A47 and A11, had to be closed in places. Some buildings had roofs damaged by the amount of water falling onto them, and outlying districts were cut off due to flooded roads too.

I stayed up late, watching the referendum results. By 2 am, the outcome was undecided, and could have gone either way, so I gave up, and went to bed. I woke up to sunshine this morning, and Julie telling me that the Leave side had won the vote, much to our delight. Outside, the lawn and patio were strewn with leaves and slim branches from the oak trees, and the damp ground appeared to be drying out.

I went out earlier than usual with Ollie, pleased to be walking in the sunshine, and enjoying a gentle breeze. Arriving at Beetley Meadows, I was shocked to discover that not only had the small river burst its banks, the water had spread further than I have ever seen before. The picnic areas were under water, and so too most of the paths near the riverbank. But this time, the water had encroached onto the main paths, under all the seating areas, and had also cut off any pedestrian exit from the main gate, or by the bridge. Short of a diversion around the main road, I was not going to get Ollie over to Hoe Rough.

I walked him in circles around the dry areas instead, then through the small woods. He was happy enough, and enjoyed drinking from the overflowing river where it crossed our path. We have had a shower this evening, but fortunately nothing like the rain of last night. Let’s hope it stays that way.

15 thoughts on “Storms: The aftermath

  1. It’s hot and dry in Vegas, as usual. The annual “monsoon season” can’t arrive soon enough! As for the extensive flooding near your home, it would have been nice to see a few photos. But I suppose we can all imagine how it was. You’ve shown us a few flood pictures in the past…. I see that the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and France are already calling for an EU referendum. The Brits may become known as political trendsetters!


    1. Thanks, David. I thought about photos, but they would have looked much like the others, with more water!
      As for the EU. The dominoes are beginning to topple!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Sure sounds as though your weather has become as crazy as ours. One part of the country is blazing, another large part is flooding and here where we stick out into the Atlantic, the sun is enough to take your breath away!! What can I say – at least we don’t have a volcano or earthquake, eh?


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