The blogging David beats Goliath!

For the first time since I started it, my other small blog, has achieved more views than beetleypete! Today’s figures show that it received fourteen more views than my regular blog, which in my small blogging world, is a great achievement.

I know that it is only because of interest in my post about the referendum result, but it was very pleasing to me, to see the junior member of my blogs beat its bigger brother into second place for once.

Thanks to all my regular readers who took the trouble to follow the links, and read the post there.

Regards to all. Pete.


22 thoughts on “The blogging David beats Goliath!

  1. I’m still thinking about doing a video about how to programme posts, Pete, but suddenly all the narrators seemed to finish my audios and I’m revising them. Hopefully soon.


  2. Pete, have you thought of merging the two blogs? Provide a header for the political stuff and if people don’t like it, they can skip it. Probably, you will get some rollovers from each. My blog has different aspects to it: the films, the photography, the writing. I have often thought I ought to write more opinion pieces. When I do, they are the least visited. I think that’s because people have so little time to stop and sit a spell. I don’t know. I also think if you write from the heart people see that and are more apt to comment than if you slop down a five sentence post. In other words, brevity and quality must marry. I can’t imagine maintaining two blogs. I can hardly find the time to one! You are an analytical chap, aren’t you? 😉

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    1. Hi Cindy,

      When I started this blog, I did have a ‘Politics’ category. It contained some opinion pieces, and an occasional political slant on other issues. However, they were almost never read, so I decided to start redflagflying the following year, and just post more outspoken pieces there. This is the first time that a merger has been suggested, but it is unlikely that I will do that. Most people who follow this blog have no interest in the other one, with a crossover of less than 30 followers for both. I tend to regard the smaller blog as an occasional hobby, with the main blog as my (notional) full-time job.

      I have never been described as analytical before, so thanks for that. I usually think of myself as impulsive and spontaneous, writing blog posts and fictional stories without too much preparation or forward-thinking. I reckon analytical is better! This was the dictionary definition I found. Sounds good.

      relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning.
      synonyms: systematic, logical, scientific, inquisitive, investigative, enquiring, methodical, organized, well organized, ordered, orderly, meticulous, rigorous, searching, critical, interpretative, diagnostic, exact, precise, accurate, mathematical, regulated, controlled, rational
      “a more analytical approach was needed”

      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. You blog is very specific, GP, and all the better for that. You have a lot of followers, many regular commenters, and you educate us all every time you post something. Can’t ask for much more, I would say.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Susanne. The other blog is only an occasional one. It has been a bit busier lately, because of the referendum. Don’t forget I am retired from work, so you could say that blogging is my ‘hobby.’
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. You’ll get less negative feedback at your other blog if you advise readers to visit the site in the evening, when they’re too tired to argue. You know what they say: Red flag at night, blogger’s delight. Red flag at morning, bloggers take warning.


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