It has been dark since midday.

The rain has been falling so hard, that I cannot hear the TV.

Not that it matters, as half the channels have been knocked out by the poor reception.

The ground is sodden, and the river has flooded once again.

The prospects for better weather are not good. More rain tomorrow, and heavier rain too.

It is the 28th of June, midsummer in England.

Is it any wonder that I am so completely fed up?

Tell me that I am wrong. Go on, I dare you!


44 thoughts on “Really?

  1. You’re not wrong. Even the Met Office says it’s been wetter in southern England than it usually is in June. Also, that sunshine has been significantly reduced, with temps over your side being no more than ‘average’.

    The rain’s more-or-less stopped here. I say more or less, because it doesn’t seem wholly convinced. I went outside and the drops immediately started falling again. It didn’t rain as much yesterday as it has today, but it was very windy and didn’t feel like summer at all.


  2. I drove down to Warrington and back again yesterday, no fun with pelting rain on the M6, today is no better. Just bought a new pac a mac which is earning it’s keep. I am Ok with it though, not letting it get me down, got plenty of jobs to do indoors, and last week when the sun came out I didn’t like being so hot! :/ But I get where you’re coming from, I’d be happier with cool and dry! ☔️ 🙂


    1. Just back from getting soaked to the skin on a walk with Ollie. I would like some seasons back, not just one long winter, with a week of summer in May…I don’t mind the cold, if it would just stop raining…
      Regards, Pete.

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        1. I had no news channel, due to bad telly reception, and I also don’t follow football. (I do check how Spurs are doing occasionally, as I followed them as a child.) I didn’t know that England had been knocked out, but nothing unusual there, surely?
          Cheers, V. Pete.

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          1. My own take on football is that the introduction of so many foreign players to domestic teams (here and abroad) has affected the pool of local talent everywhere. Once mighty footballing nations have fewer local players to draw on, to form national teams. When teams like Chelsea and Celtic, or teams in France and Holland, have so many foreign players, it follows that the national side do not have the same choice that they enjoyed in the 1960s and 70s.

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          2. I did mate. Back in the 60s, I went to White Hart lane as a youngster, with my rattle and scarf, and could name all of the team. It wasn’t even my local team, which was Millwall, but I loved Spurs. Since Bale left, I couldn’t even name one player now!

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    1. I still haven’t been able to get anyone in to look at it. The guarantee only applies to ‘appointed agents.’ There just are two in Norfolk. One is not answering phones or emails, and the other is currently ‘too busy.’ I am sure that they just don’t want to do warranty work, then have to haggle with the company to pay them.
      Luckily, the rain didn’t come in this time, I think it is all about the direction it comes from, though that seems silly, it was coming from due north that time, and it is normally east or west. I did go up on the roof to look, and couldn’t see any problems at all. Still, I expect that I will eventually get someone in to check it, warranty or not. I will just pay them.
      Cheers Eddy, Pete.


        1. It should be high summer here, Arlene, with temperatures around 25-30 degrees. Today it was just 17 degrees, and has rained heavily all day. That rain has just stopped, at 8 pm, but it is windy and overcast.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I would never hate you, John. I would probably complain at 92, but I just want it to stop raining. Month in, month out, for the whole year since January. I am going to be certifiable!
      Regards, Pete.


  3. The weather everywhere seems to be going mad. We even had a huge storm in Greece, with hail and floods, which at least helped put out a large forest fire. I really feel for you, Pete, I also get very depressed by rain and grey skies.


  4. I can totally relate to your woes about all of that rain.. 4 years ago I think it was we had nothing but rain, morning, noon, and night…

    The slugs were called upon by the thousands ( Well, perhaps not as many as that) they marched right into my hostas beds and chomped away until they were as big as my pup…. ( Well, perhaps not quite that big…)

    Nothing was going to survive out there in the garden, even if all of that rain made the lawns greener than I’ve seen in many moons, I suppose we must take heed when hoping for drier days, because now fires are starting up from the bush being so dry..

    But, I can’t complain too much this year as it has been good ~ I just wished that you folks across the pond could see drier days, and nights.. is it also humid over there with all of the rain.. We get so very humid when it rains, I almost feel like I’m back in Florida’s Humidity …

    Take care and hang in there.. better days or winter will arrive… sorry had to be a smarty pants to offer a smile or two for ya…. 🙂

    Laura ~


    1. No problem, Laura. Your smiles and good wishes are most welcome.
      I hate to moan. Although it might seem like I enjoy it. I don’t.
      Is something of a summer just too much to ask for?
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Pete, with the weather you’re having I’d be moaning everyday … and tell myself it’s making it better 🙂 yes I speak to myself at times and not just in my head.. Sometimes you just have to hear the words out loud… giggling 🙂


  5. You’re not wrong but I think we have to accept that this is the UK! Crete for the heat wasn’t worth it. Why do you think I’ve chosen I.O.W – the hope that it will continue to be a little warmer being further south! It’s been okay here in Berkshire – not sunny but only a sprinkling of rain. Perhaps you should move down south again. x


    1. I can’t afford to, Sarah, Mind you, looking at the forecasts, it seems to be national. I am irrationally yearning for the summers of my youth. Or just one good one, before I drop off the perch. x


          1. Much appreciated, Sarah. We could combine that with visiting out friends nearby, as they won’t accommodate Ollie! You’re a good friend indeed, and much appreciated. x


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