Korean visitors

I noticed that my stats had taken a jump this evening. After an average day, I suddenly had lots of views, and they kept on coming. Then I got a new follower, so made the connection that they had looked at a lot of my blog posts (20+) and then decided to ‘Follow.’

A brief investigation showed that the new arrival was from South Korea. They had looked at numerous posts, and added ‘Likes.’ From the overview of their site, I guessed that they were trying to sell something, so I didn’t bother to follow back, or to make any comment.

These people do tend to irritate me. Just when I thought I was having a good day, a South Korean sales operation seems to be my major reader. They didn’t really read the posts of course. Just opened them, clicked ‘Like’ and then ‘Follow’, and hoped for the best.

On this occasion, it didn’t work.

23 thoughts on “Korean visitors

  1. Frustrating and best ignored, Pete. You’re very supportive (when there’s so much vitriol on social media) and get a lot of deservedly good comments on your site.


      1. Give her time. Then there’s the jewelry lady (2 of them I think), the fashion girl and the one who has a broken heart and wants everyone to know.


  2. You know what happened to me last week? I was courted by an email inviting me to be a regular on an on-line magazine as a contributor. They told me what a great writer I was. They told me they predicted to be one of the top 5 magazines online. So, I checked out the blog and it looked legit. I saw 3 columns of articles of various topics. There were different contributing writers. So I started to think it was legit. I emailed them back and asked them what their expectations from me would be. 2 days went by. Then they asked me to supply all sorts of personal information. Of course, I didn’t. I haven’t heard from them since.
    The lesson–I needed to put my ego in the closet when it comes time for admirers from afar! Boy, oh, boy are “they” getting good at phishing and conning!

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    1. My first thoughts are always suspicious and doubtful, Cindy. I get quite a few like those Koreans, but this time they tried really hard! Happy to hear that you didn’t fall for the scam. I would have been surprised if you had done.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. You mentioned that I posted another Todd Rundgren story…there is a very engaged community of fans, and when I post stories, I get a great response…I am a big fan, but it’s also nice to see that it generates conversation and views…then there are the 19 hits I get on a story out of nowhere, and as you point out, they seem to be all from a single spam…I need to stop worrying about views….oh wait, that’s why I post!


    1. Sorry about the previous reply. It was completely mis-typed, and when I saw it today, I had no idea what I meant! This was the actual reply in my head.

      Thanks, Peggy, it does sometimes intrigue me when they continue to like future posts, and I also wonder why they do that.
      Best wishes, Pete.

      (Sorry about that nonsense yesterday. Typing too fast without looking!)


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